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Are you trying to reduce the costs of weekly shopping ? This is the page where you can find a valid Kroger Ad, which contains useful information to help you about that issue of yours. The store is one of the widest supermarket chain in the country. It’s a Cincinnati, Ohio based retailer. Very long backed history of Kroger is a sign of the experience, guarantee of satisfaction with a the wide range of products that is always available in-store or online through the weekly ads. Kroger’s other stores, which we also write about, are Ralphs and Fry’s. Since they are aiming to serve at various locations in U.S. They also own several different supermarkets across the whole country. According to many authorities, this store is the 3rd largest retailer in the world.

The weekly ads of the supermarket generally provides detailed information of grocery, fresh produce, meat, snacks, beverage, breakfast food, floral, pharmacy, pet products, personal care, household, deli, bakery, organic food, health&beauty outdoor, services and more featuring savings, deals and similar kind of profits for customers. Their ads may feature several type of deals. They also accept different kinds of coupons. So coupon match-ups are possible way to save via Kroger Ad or online deals. Another important thing is of course Kroger Card. That’s necessary to benefit savings.

What Type of Deals Kroger Ads Contain In General ? 

This might depend on the time you are reading a weekly ad, since occassional sales like Black Friday, Easter, Christmas. However, generalization of some deals and naming them is possible since we frequently observe them. It can also be useful for customers in the name of simplicity.

10/$10 Sales 

“10 for $10” is one of the most popular and spoken discount kind of this store. This deal comes with weekly ads usually. To get this price, you even don’t have to get 10 items. If you have a Kroger Card, you can purchase that item for $1 each.

Buy X Save $X 

Probably the most popular and frequently featured type of deals in each weekly ad. These are sometimes called “Savings Event”. I just formulated them and create that header according to its working system. When you come across with a “Buy 6 Save $3” sale, you must understand that it means “when you buy 6 participating items”.


Kroger accepts various types of coupons. Check out their official site to see updated information. This policy can change. They don’t usually

Learn How To Do Coupon Matchups and save more. 

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10/$10 Sale Kroger Ad Feb 15 – 21 2017

One of the deals from latest Kroger Weekly Ad can be seen on pg 5. 10 for $10 Sale Kroger Ad Feb 15 - 21 2017Mix and Match sale provided a list of food, snacks and beverage products that are available for $10 for 10 of participating items. And you even don’t have to buy 10 items to pay $1 for each. Among these products your favorite brands like Chobani, Rockstar, Campbell’s, Colgate and more are featured. Energy drinks, lifewater and sparkling ice are 10/$10 at Kroger. You can also find Roasrita refried beans or La costena whole jalapeno peppers for the same price.

Bumble Bee tuna or lunch kits 10/$10
Horizon milk singles 10/$10
Oscar Mayer lunchables 10/$10
Rockstar Energy Drink or snapple tea 10/$10

Kroger bread 10/$10
Kroger vegetables 10/$10
Chobani Greek yogurt 10/$10
Chex mix snack mix 10/$10
Kraft Macaroni & cheese 10/$10

Kroger saltine crackers 10/$10
Kroger Tortilla Chips 10 oz or Kroger Popcorn, 4-5 oz. 10/$10
Comforts Fragrance Free Baby Wipes 10/$10
Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz or Plus Toothbrush, 1 ct 10/$10
Renuzit Air Freshener 7 oz or Home Sense Glass or Multi Surface Cleaner, 32 fl oz 10/$10
Dial Liquid Hand Soap 10/$10

Visit pg 5 for the details of all products from this range.

Kroger Weekly Ad Mix and Match February 15 – 21 2017

Kroger makes irresistible deals for weekly products including food, household, snacks, beverage and many more. Kroger Weekly Ad Mix and Match February 15 - 21 2017To see the entire ad of the store please go the preview page. This week two great deals from Kroger are valid online or in-store. On cover page and page 4-6 you will see new participating items to this savings event. In the ad content you can easily see new participating items. Some of top deals from this range can be seen via the list below.

Buy 6 Save $3 Deals of Kroger Ad

Do you always search for food when you are alone ? That’s snacking but it’s not always healthy if you are eating too much. Cheerios is a perfect solution if you have a bad habit like this. It’s so tasty that people eat it without milk. Cheerios Honey nut is only $1.99 ea as participating item to the Buy 6 Save $3 ! You need to buy 6 items for this price.

Another product similar to this breakfast or snacking food, is Quaker Instant oatmeal which is priced at $1.99 ea for its 8-12 ct. pack. If you have that feeling which is similar to feeling dizzy in mornings, instant oatmeal is a perfect food for you. More importantly, you will be saving time in the mornings.

These prices are valid when you buy 6 participating items.

Purex Laundry Detergent 75 fl oz or Purex Crystals, 18 oz $2.99 ea
Dial Body Wash $2.99
Colgate Optic White Toothpaste 3.5 oz, or Colgate Total Toothpaste, 6 oz, or Colgate Optic White 360 Toothbrush $2.49 ea

More products are participating items to this event. Find out what’s on sale on pg 4, 6.

Snacks Kroger Ad Feb 8 – 14 2017

If you go the pg 4 of this ad on our preview page you will come across with a bad resolution, since I listed the top deals consisting of the snacks and beverage in general.Snacks Kroger Ad Feb 8 - 14 2017 They are so popular among the customers of Kroger. These red deals are one of the most spoken items. Pepsi, Pepperidge and many more like-class brands are featured with these prices every week. Kroger offers a huge discount for all customers. If you are in mood of shopping add pick some of the deals on pg 4 of the ad to add in your list. Remember this is also a weekly ad with the deals of Valentine’s Day gifts. On pg 2 and pg 7 plush toys, chocolate boxes, and other main items of Valentine can be seen.

Pepsi 2L $.88
Kroger cheese 2/$7
Nabisco Ritz crackers $1.99
Michelina’s Entree $.88
Oscar Mayer lunchables 2/$4
Entenmann’s little bites B1G1 Free
Thomas’ English Muffins or Bagels B1G1 Free

Majority of what you must store in your fridge and food storage are available on pg 4. Gatorade, Kroger coffee, Hunt’s tomatoes, Kroger smoked sausage and totally 16 products of snacks, canned food, dry food are featured.

Big K $1.99 ea
Gatorade or G2 $.79
Monster Energy Drink 2/$4
Chef Boyardee pasta 10/$10
Hunt’s tomatoes 10/$10

Bob Evans sides $2.99
Kroger syrup $1.79
Kroger coffee $4.99
Beneful dog food $13.99
Hershey’s kisses or Reese’s miniatures 2/$7
M&M’s candy 2/$6

Kroger Weekly Ad Food Feb 8 – 14 2017

The new ad of Kroger can be browsed on the preview page. If you want to check out all products of this ad please go to that preview by one click on the image of the cover.Kroger Weekly Ad Food Feb 8 - 14 2017 One of the most important sale of this week is Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers. Discounts applied on the flower bouquets and lovely products. On pg 2 see details of the new products. Also Kroger Ad covers selective product list of convenient food on pg 3. Inclusive of chicken breast, Marie Callander’s, pizza and beef patties, this food sale includes generally packaged food on pg 3.

Dozen rose arrangements $39.99
Valentine’s Day balloons $2.99
Valentine’s Day decorated heart cake $5.99
Russell stover or whitman’s boxed chocolate B1G1 Free

Hershey’s pot of gold chocolates $6.99
Russell Stover or Whitman’s chocolate hearts $9.99
Whole boneless beef tenderloin $9.99 lb.

Are few of the Valentine’s Day sale of Kroger. 1 week-long discounts until Valentine’s Day can help you in saving while shopping for giftables. Show your love for paying less and getting quality items.

Convenient Food and Products On Sale in Kroger Ad

A great range of food can be seen on pg 3.

Red deals on pg 4 featuring bogo, wyb and more are another subject of this week. Energy drinks, packaged food, snacks and totally 8 products are on sale. Don’t miss out this one too.

Other categories in this ad are meat, seafood, fresh produce, 10/$10 sales and organic food. Consider this ad a great saving method and try making a shopping list with the coupons matchable to this deal list. If you go to the store, take that list with you and start saving more.

Kroger Weekly Ad Game Day February 1 – 7 2017

Kroger celebrates reopening of the stores in Richmond area. Two stores will be renewed.Kroger Weekly Ad Game Day February 1 - 7 2017 Totally nearly $7M was invested on these stores. They inovated their online order services, décor and more about these stores with the money they spent. Celebrate with Kroger at these stores. Learn details on and get the perfect deals from Kroger stores through the latest ads. This is one of those ads which you may find great deals. Discounts applied on the snacks and beverage that are perfectly what most people are looking for. On pg 4 find Kroger Weekly Ad Game Day sales which are valid in Feb 1 – 7 2017. A combination of various chips, sandwiches, sauces, beverage can be seen.

Pepsi or 7UP 4/$10 pg 4
Gatorade or G2 32 fl oz $.79
King’s Hawaiian mini sub buns 2/$6
Hebrew National Beef Franks $3.49
Pepperidge Farm buns or sandwich rolls 2/$5

Tostitos tortilla chips 2/$6
Frito-Lay simply snacks 2/$5
Wonderful pistachios 2/$7
Kettle brand potato chips $1.88
Screamin’ Sicilian pizza $5.99
M&M’s or milky way minis $2.99

Kroger Ad Valentine’s Day Sale Feb 2017

You don’t have to spend a lot on Valentine products. Deals are available for you at Kroger stores. The most important thing is the love between you. Pretty blossoms reflecting the world’s beauty within their structure and good looking style are on sale. They are all you need to show your love.

Duet bouquet $15 pg 5
Valentine’s Day balloons $2.99
Sweet Valentine Arrangement $34.99
Enchanted rose bouquet $25

Lindt chocolate heart $9.99
Hershey’s pot or gold chocolates $6.99
Lindt Strawberries&cream truffles $5.99
Brach’s tiny conversation hearts 4/$5
Russell Stover or Whitman’s chocolates – B1G1 Free

The class of products that are more likely to be giftables on pg 6 might get your attention as well. Valentine’s plush toys including bear, panda and other type of gifts are featured on the same page. Kroger offers more affordable price range for these products compared to the classical stores which retail them.

HD Designs Valentine’s mini heart pillows $1 pg 6
Holiday Home Valentine’s plush $5.99
Nestle Valentine’s card & candy kit 2/$5
Holiday Home Giant Valentine’s plush $19.99