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Target Store Weekly Deals Weekend Snacks

Hi everyone!
Target store weekly deals is on air. I'm gonna review especially new comers of weekend snacks. If you are working in an office 5 days a week, i'm sure you look forward to weekend coming.
If you like to spend the weekends at home, doing some grocery shopping is a must. This week target store weekly deals are especially on snacks.

Target Store Weekly Deals

Let's take a look at snacks on low prices.

Healthy snacks:


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you want your metabolism to start, you shouldn't skip breakfast. Consuming some healthy carbs and proteins in the mornings will give you energy.

This week there is a good sale on breakfast specials.

Ice cream, chocolate and candy:

Everybody needs to relax sometimes. How about rewarding yourself with some ice cream and chocolate at the weekend? Play your favourite movie and get some delicious snack.


A movie without pop corn can't be thought. Target store weekly deals include pop corn savings this week. Hurry up and get your pop corn. Also children will have fun while it's popping.

Fry's Electronics Weekly Sales Ad September 19

Welcome to Fry's electronics weekly sales ad September 19. This ad is valid between September 19 and September 25. In this ad you can find electronic products such as computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, ultra books, game consoles, TVs, action games and accessories, computer devices. Also there are grocery and big house appliances offers.

Fry's Electronics Weekly Sales Ad September 19

Let's take a look at this week's Fry's electronics weekly ad sales offers:

Laptops and computers:

  • Acer Aspire ES1-511-COM4 Notebook $197
  • Asus F551MAV-DB02-B Notebook $247
  • Asus M11AA-US001Q Desktop PC $448
  • Acer AXC-603-UR10 Desktop PC $248
  • Apple 11.6" MacBook Air $849

Games and Consoles:

  • PS4 Destiny Bundle with 2nd Dualshock 4 Controller $499.9
  • PS Vita Console White with Borderlands 2 and God of War Games $199.99
  • Xbox One Hardware with Free Metro Redux Video Game $399.99
  • Wii U Mario & Luigi Deluxe Set 32GB Console $279.99

Plasma and LED TVs:

  • RCA 32" Class (31.5" Actual Diagonal Size) LED TV (LED32G30RQ) $159.00
  • RCA 55" Class (54.6" Actual Diagonal Size) LED TV $499.00
  • SHARP 48" Class (47.8" Actual Diagonal Size) LE551U Series LED TV $599.00

In addition to electronics, Fry's stores are offering you the best groceries for low prices. After you are done with your electronic shopping, you can check out for groceries and spend a relaxing weekend with your family.

Having your favourite snacks in front of your new TV will be great for the weekend.

Also if you need a new refrigerator take a look at latest technology house appliances on sale. I'm sure you can choose one from Fry's electronics weekly sales ad.

Have a nice weekend!

CVS Weekly Ad Halloween Sale Special Offers

Hello everyone!

Welcome to CVS ad preview page. As you know Halloween is coming next month so especially kids will need costumes, candies and staff for halloween. Today i'm going to review CVS weekly ad halloween sale for you. Don't wait October, do your halloween shopping today for the lowest prices.


cvs weekly ad halloween sale

Ok you can take a look at halloween discount from page 4 of this week's CVS ad. You can see there is 20% off on so many items.

Products on sale:

  • Fall or Halloween decor
  • Halloween lightning and animation
  • Candies, costumes
  • Pumpkins

I love to create cool pumpkins and put a candle in them at halloween time. Children love those pumpkins. Also buying different kind of candies is a good idea.

You can explore more halloween products from the ad and also from CVS stores. Visit the closest CVS store to get the high quality products on low prices. Celebrating halloween with CVS will make your children happy.

Trick or  treat?

Black Friday Walmart Movies and More

Hello everyone!

Black Friday is coming! How about watching some movies about black friday? Walmart is offering great movies on electronic section about black friday and shopping. These are all for low prices and easy to watch DVD's. Also all products are high quality and with shop online option.

black friday walmart 2

Spending the weekend with your family by watching relaxing movies is great! Black friday Walmart ad will be rady soon but before that you can take a look at the recent black friday Walmart offers.

Let's take a look at the options:

black friday walmart

The Invisible Ray / Black Friday (Full Frame) $18
Black Friday: Dark Dawn (Widescreen) $8.32
Black Friday (Full Frame) $4.73
South Park: The Black Friday Trilogy (2014) $3.99
Black Fridays (Author: Sears, Michael) $28.51
Black Friday: Exposed $9.60
Black Friday (Author: Wright, Noah A. J.)$10.53

You can find all these movies and more at Walmart stores. Also there will be great black friday offers at Walmart black friday ads very soon.

black friday walmart 3

Keep watching our website for latest news, discounts and special offers of the year. Be sure you are gonna find so many products for super cheap prices. You will save more and more everyday.

Stay tuned!

Ralphs Weekly Ad California Organic Choices

Hello California people!

Today i'm gonna review Ralphs weekly ad California offers for you. Ralphs is one of the top brands of grocery shopping among the USA. Every week Ralphs is offering different varieties of groceries, snacks, fresh fruits and vegetables, personal care products, household needs, baby products, drinks and beverages for low prices. If you want to get delicious and high quality food, keep on watching our weekly ad reviews.


Ralphs Weekly Ad California

This week i decided to go on a healthy diet as my personal trainer recommended so. I went to one of Ralphs stores in California and got some healthy food.

Here are my favourite organic food of the week:

Fresh fruits and vegetables are very healthy choices in nutrition. Ralphs weekly ad California is offering great deals on fresh fruits and vegetables this week.


I know it's not easy to prepare healthy food for dinner. Everyone gets tired after work and usually attempts on ready to cook and high carb products. As long as you cook your own meal at the weekends for the following working days, you can keep on a healthy diet. For example i prepare a huge salad with fresh fruits and vegetables than eat it for 5 days.

Please check out the whole ad for more healthy choices!