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Walmart Ad Halloween Makeup and Cosmetic Offers

Hi everyone!
Halloween is coming!!! Did you get your costume? I bet most of you has already got the costume and now it's time to decide about the makeup. Also don't forget to buy your halloween candies and pumpkin.
If you haven't decided about your halloween makeup yet, please take a look at Walmart ad halloween makeup ideas and cosmetic offers of the week. There is a huge discount on many cosmetic products for you. You can buy your makeup and cosmetics for low prices before halloween. It's a good chance!
Let's take a look at some of Walmart ad halloween makeup savings and special offers.

walmart ad halloween makeup

As you see, this week Covergirl, Maybelline and Revlon brands are on big discount. You can't find these prices anywhere else so hurry up before halloween comes. Also you can use all these cosmetics after halloween on your daily makeup.

Don't forget to buy your pumpkin and tea lights from your grocery store and create your scariest pumpkin for halloween. You will have the most enjoyable halloween night with Walmart ad halloween makeup products and cosmetics.


Apple Black Friday 2014 Sale

We have less than 2 months for black friday. Every brand is preparing for huge discounts, special offers and once a year promotions. So Apple is also going to offer special prices last Friday of November. Let's check out apple recent products and new coming watch product properties before Apple black friday 2014 sale.


Latest iPhone is iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. You can get iPhone 6 from $199 and iPhone 6 plus from $299. These two are coming with new iOS 8 and there are new features. Check that out from apple website.

Also iphone 5s and iPhone 5c is still available at apple store.

iphone 5s 16 gb from $99, 32 gb from $149

iphone 5c is for free with mobile operator contracts.


You can get

  • iPad air from $499
  • ipad retina display from $399
  • ipad mini retina display from $399
  • ipad mini from $299

There will be special offers on Apple black friday 2014 sale.

Also you can buy mac, macbook, macbook air, iPod and accessories for all these devices from apple store.

apple black friday 2014 sale

apple watch:

apple watch is coming early 2015 so we still a little bit time to get this fantastic device.

There are 3 types of apple watch.

  • apple watch
  • apple watch sports
  • apple watch edition

My favourite is obviously apple watch sports as i work out every day. You can follow your heart beat, calories you burn, your daily training programme and also download your iPhone apps to your device.

Follow us for more news for Apple black friday 2014 sale

Target Weekly Ad iPhone 6 Now At Target

Hello Apple fan boys!

Good news. Target weekly ad iPhone 6 offers have arrived to the market. Evryone wants to get the latest iPhone all the time but with the high prices not every person reaches it. Target is here to provide you the iPhone 6 for cool prices. Also there are other apple products like iPhone 5s, the new iPad and more.

target weekly ad iphone

Here is the special offer for iPhone 6:

If you buy the offer in Target weekly ad iPhone 6 with contract, you can get it for $199.99. You can make your contract via Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. The contract is for 2 years.
If you want to buy iPhone 6 without contract it's for $699.99 for 16GB. You can also trade your iPhone 4 or newer and get up to $300 discount.
There are 2 kinds of iPhone 6. One is regular iPhone 6 and the other is iPhone 6 plus which is larger than the usual iPhone size. With this great device you'll gonna enjoy the iPhone experience on a larger screen. If you are worried about iPhone not fitting in your pocket, nowadays every tailor sews an iPhone 6 plus pocket for your jeans and trousers.

Other than Target weekly ad iPhone 6 offers, there are special prices for iPhone 5s and iPad.

İphone 5s is for $99 with 2 years contract. Every contract and sales rule setter for iPhone 6 is valid for iPhone 5s but with lower prices. Check it out also.

ipad Air promotion:

You get free $100 Target gift card when you buy iPad air. 16 GB wi-fi model is for $499.

Enjoy these great prices and stay with Apple!

Walmart Simple Recipes Simple Meals

Walmart Simple Meals with efficient, quick and one-pot recipes are available for this month here. This is an old post which you may have reached from search engine but go to that post to get more details about the recipe of bruschetta chicken and other Walmart Simple meals. Hi dear Walmart followers! Today i'm going to review Walmart simple recipes and simple meal products from the latest Walmart weekly ad.We are all working for long long times at the office. After coming back home, preparing a detailed, had to make and long time meal is an issue. Everybody wants to have the dinner in a fast, easy and simple way. Of course getting the right supplies in nutrition is also important. So here are Walmart simple recipes to save the day and simple meals will make you satisfied in the evenings.

walmart simple recipes

Meat, pasta and lasagne Italian Style!

Burger, fries and soda American Style!

Rice and chicken Asian Style!

Taco and Fajita Night:
Sometimes i prefer mexican food for dinner. It's fast to cook, delicious and hot. Also cheaper than any Mexican restaurant. Mmm yummy!

Check out the Walmart website for delicious Walmart simple recipes and learn the ingredients.

CVS Weekly Deals Personal Care Products

Welcome to CVS product reviews page. Today i will talk about some CVS weekly deals personal care products for you. CVS Pharmacy is offering large varieties of pharmacy, cosmetics, health care, household items and personal care products every week. You can purchase CVS items online or from your nearest CVS store. Here are this week's personal care products and the prices:


L'oreal Paris Skincare

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Products

cvs weekly deals personal care products

Looking after your skin is very important. You mustn't avoid daily care of your skin because skin gets older fast if you don't take care of it. If you are on your early twenties it's a good idea to start using daily cleaning gels, moustrizers and skin care products. If you are over 30, it's better to use anti-aging or ant-wrinkle products.

CVS weekly deals personal care products are on very special prices and most of them are 50% off. Don't miss the chance before the week ends.

Apart from skin care here are some daily household cleaning and self hygiene products of the week:

For other products please take a look at whole CVS weekly ad.

Have a good weekend!