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Home improvement products of categories like building materials, hardware, gardening, painting, maintenance, storage, flooring, electrical, and many more. Browse Menards Ad and see the latest deals on all these products if there is any. The retailer has 305 stores in Kentucky, Wyoming, Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and more states. And the store has been serving since 1959.

Other than weekly print ads, you can also occasionally see Tv or Radio ads of Menards. The best way to follow their discounts is to check the ads. The number of deals and the ads can highly increase in Christmas and holiday season. Menards is accepted as the third largest home improvement store in the United States.

Menards Weekly Ad has the current deals that are valid for a limited time. Subscribe to the ad to get your ads to your inbox.

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Menards Ad Oct 18 - 24, 2020

Deals on construction products like concrete mix are available on the first page. The ad also covers some paint products, and even hand sanitizer is on sale. Buy some professional tools and products to use in your home improvement projects. If you are a professional, the pro power tools might also be an interesting part of the new Menards Ad. Li-battery rechargeable power tools that are both handy and durable for years. All of them are 11% off. 220-piece mechanic's toolset is only $149.98. Sa Read More...

Menards Weekly Ad Oct 11 - 17, 2020

Get cashback, buy some products at lower costs, renew your home, or repair something with the great deals of Menards Ad. Mail-in rebate will offer you an 11% off discount on everything in-store or online. Nothing is specifically focused on. The cover page of the ad shows a variety of products from different categories including Halloween sale. Buy 60" scarecrow for only $4.88 which is a final price after the discount of 11% off rebate. More home improvement or home products are also there. Yo Read More...

Menards Ad Oct 4 - 10, 2020

Decorate your home with a pumpkin. Halloween candies, decorative items, and 11% off everything at Menards stores this week. Menards Halloween deal covers real pumpkin, a carving kit, a Halloween bowl, and candies that appear on the first page. Browse Menards Weekly Ad Oct 4 - 10 products to see many more similar deals. Like always, the ad is a good home improvement sale. More than that, there is a new and unusual sale of Menards called Toyland. Truck toys, farming toys, bows, and many more ty Read More...

Menards Ad Rebate Sale May 31 - Jun 6, 2020

Menards Ad Rebate Sale May 31 - Jun 6, 2020This one week sale covers important categories of products that will be useful if handle the things on your own when it comes to home improvement, particularly your patio in this case. Menards Weekly Ad offers a great range of products from the categories of decking, patio furniture, garage doors, windows, and lawn care. You can buy blowers or lawnmowers. And more important than anything, 11% off everything. It's a mail-in rebate. Buy doors at Menards this week. Build an exterior door system for a safer house. Steel doors are also 11% cheaper. One of them is Mastercraft Olivia full lite prefinished white steel exterior doos system. The price for that door will be $550.91. View all the deals on the Menards Ad Rebate Sale May 31 - Jun 6.

Redecorate your garden with beautiful lights. These are also perfect for outside hallways or the exterior surface of your walls. Most of the items from the wall lights section will cost under $100. You can buy Patriot Lighting sawyer black outdoor wall light will cost only $26.60.

Build a steel roof for a solid protection against all kinds of weather conditions. So much so, it's promoted as the last roof you'll ever need. These panels are resistant against 200 MPH wind. Again, with the mail-in rebate, you'll get them 11% off. Some items from Menards Ad Rebate Sale May 31 - Jun 6:

Menards Ad Rebate and Patio Furniture

Explore some nice deals on patio items on the lates Menards weekly ad. The products are 11% off with rebate sale. Menards Ad Rebate and Patio FurnitureMenards Ad covers the deals like seating collection, patio bench, patio sofa, and more products similar to them. Some products resemble the early 90s garden fashion from Europe and some of them just follow the modern patterns. Menards can be a place to meet both nostalgia and classy modern furniture for your backyard.

Menards Outdoor Cooking and Grilling Sale

Menards Outdoor Cooking and Grilling SaleGrill for life with the professional products you can buy at Menards. Charcoal grills, electric grills, and many more products to place in your backyard. There is a very wide range of grilling or related products at Menards. It's the grill season. You can also find seasonings and marinades or BBQ sauces. There is a whole Menards Outdoor Living catalog. You may also check out the Menards Weekly Ad for Apr 26 - May 2. The entire product range is here.