Kroger Weekly Ad Preview Oct 7 2015

Kroger Weekly Ad Preview Oct 7 and the most popular 4 retailers providing the best prices of weekly food products are selling new variety of Italian food special to this week.Kroger Weekly Ad Preview Oct 7 2015 Price drops, new products, simple meals, seafood, deli products and healthy snacks are what you can shop on the new weekly ads.
Kroger USDA choice meat offers of this week are beef roast, t-bone steaks, perdue chicken drumsticks on the main page. See prices of these products:

Beef Roast on sale 33% off with card pg 1
T-bone steaks $6.99 lb.
Beef loin, crab clusters and other meat products are also available in this weekly ad !

Every week Kroger deals of packaged food is advertised on the main page. Compare the last week’s prices to these:

Kroger deluxe ice cream 2 for $5
Nature’s Own honey wheat $1.49
Dannon or Chobani yogurt $0.88
Kroger cheese 2 for $6
Marie Callender’s entree $1.49 ea

Read the recipe of Shell Pasta with ricotta cheese picked from Italian cuisine. 50 min cooking and 10 min prep is enough for this recipe. You can serve 10 persons with this instruction. All the details about this Italian meal can be read on pg 2.
See Italian meal sauces, pasta varieties, fresh products on pg 3:

Halloween treats of Kroger Ad:

  • Pumpkin luminary $14.99
  • Pumpkin carving kit $3.99
  • Sour patch kids, oreo minis $9.99
  • Reese’s peanut butter pumpkin flavor BOGO FREE

See more Italian food offers on pg 5-6. See new Halloween costumes featuring great discounts for online customers with card. Halloween costumes 20% off, candy treats, masks and many more are on the latest page of the ad. See more Halloween products on Ralphs, Fry’s, ALDI, CVS weekly ads.

Publix Weekly Ad Ideas of Starters Oct 5 2015

See price list featuring side dishes, chicken breasts, hard salami, meatballs, packaged meat products and further this ad offers you fresh food selection, good selection of fresh vegetables, Deli offers, cheerios mills cereals and more. Publix Weekly Ad Ideas of Starters Oct 5 2015Publix is not only a food store but is a good choice to shop household items like chemical cleaning supplies, personal care products, detergents and pretty good brands of packaged food as well.

See some variety from the meal selection of the Publix AD:

These are offers from pg 4. You can also prefer burger and beef which are available on pg 5. Extremely good deals by this ad on pg 5 are porterhouse t-bone steaks, lean ground beef, chicken breasts, armour meatballs, Oscar Mayer lunchables, hormel sides $5. All these can be seen on pg 5.
Don’t miss out fresh fruits for discount prices of Publix as well. Check cout some products from pg 6 for healthier starting in a working day:

Bartlett pears $1.29
Large Royal Gala Apples $1.69
Sweet Celebration $2.49 lb.
Red Raspberries 2 for $5
King O’the west honeydew $3.49
Simply 100% juice 3 for $10


Tomatoes on vine, $1.49
Hass Avocados 10 for $10
Publix baby cut carrots 4 for $5
Russet potatoes $2.99
Southern grown vegetables $1.69 lb.

CVS Ad Pharmacy and Beauty Items of This Week Oct 5

Entertain with the costumes, masks, treats, candies, sweets and similar products of Halloween sale of CVS Weekly Ad in this week.CVS Ad Pharmacy and Beauty Items of This Week Oct 5 Get yourself prepared and save the maximum you could with popular brands of CVS. Scary costumes, quirky gifts and special prices are available on pg 2-3. The best healthy snacks and savings are included. See new products on pg 2 consisting of heavily snacks:

Halloween costumes and gifts:


See Self care items like shampoo, conditionery and hot offers of hair care or skin care products ON PG 7
BEAUTY products of L’Oreal, Almay, Mua, Revlon, Maybelline, Covergirl, beauty 360, and more brands:

Kroger Weekly Ad Italian Food Oct 5 2015

Italian food selection by the Kroger Ad will introduce you heart of the Southern Italy with balsamic vinegar, baguette, specially designed kitchen gagdets according to the traditional understanding of the Italian cuisine.Kroger Weekly Ad Italian Food Oct 5 2015 Moreover ice cream variety by Haagen-Dazs gelato, talenti gelato and breyers gelato are featured on the same page. Special meal offers by Kroger are also featured on pg 5. This includes :

Broccoli crowns $0.99
Fresh mushrooms $1.79
Tyson boneless chicken $1.88

Editor’s selection contains the canned food variety from Italian food specials:

Private selection grated parmesan $2.99
Progresso bread crumbs 2 for $3
Hunt’s canned tomatoes 10 for $10
Simple Truth organic olive oil $6.99
Cerealia Altamura bread $5.99
Eggplant $0.99

Tradition of Italian cuisine is barely a star of this Kroger Ad. Packaged sausage, Barilla pasta, Amalfi pasta bowls, Amablu blue cheese are also among the products you can see on pg 6. Cool products from Coffee and candy selection on the same page are:

Lady fingers $2.49
DeLallo cookies $8.99
Illy coffee 2 for $4
Pepperidge farm milano cookies 2 for $5
Tiramisu dessert cake $8.99
Ferrero rocher candy 2 for $6
Lavazza coffee $8.99

Packaged food products of Italian tradition and gluten free varieties are available on pg 7. Ultimate simple food product range is shoppable on the online store. Some bakery and fresh grocery products also available on this section.

Grape tomatoes $1.99
Romaine red or green lettuce $0.99
Cheerios cereals 2 for $5
Van’s Gluten free waffles 2 for $5
Tate’s cookies $3.99
Pacific organic broth 2 for $6

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ALDI Weekly Ad October 4 2015

ALDI Weekly Ad October 4 is live now.ALDI Weekly Ad October 4 2015 New offers of ALDI Ad is primary solution of many online customers. Instead of shopping at regular store prefer ALDI to shop for lower prices. Fresh products like caramel apples, Empire apples, pornegranates, sweet potatoes and pumpkin prices for Halloween are featured on pg 1. Other than these Fresh Meat special selection is shoppable online at the site of ALDI. Don’t miss out the limited stocks until Oct 11. Also see kitchen ware including Kitchen Living 7-quart slow cooker, fresh 93% lean ground beef and canned food alternative to the fresh food.


Halloween costumes for children, Hastro licensed mask, pumpkin masters kids carving kit, Halloween lights, Red Hot Special is Halloween mask for $3.99. For more masks visit and check out other masks than the one you see on pg 2.

Gifts under $5 – $10 :

Crofton Halloween treat bowl $1.29
Brach’s candy corn $1.29
Smarties $1.99
Hershey’s kit kat $2.49
Reese’s pumpkins jumbo snack $4.49
Hershey’s all time greats $4.99

Gift Treats under $20 :

Hershey’s 230 pce assortment $19.85
Mars chocolate favorites $19.85
Halloween kalanchoe $3.99
Huntington home 21″ light-up pumpkin $12.99

Limited products from ALDI Weekly Ad can be found on pg 4. See latest special prices of chocolate mix, pumpkin cider, baker’s corner, coffee grinder and coffee creamer variety on the same page.