10 Makeup Tips for Hot Weather

Makeup on hot and humid summer days requires an ability so we shared 10 simple makeup tips for how Weather in this article with Avon Campaign 16 2020! In addition to using water-resistant make-up products, there are many different details to be considered when applying. If you want to have an impressive appearance in the city or summer resorts this summer, we invite you to read the rest of the article.

It is beneficial to use a water-based moisturizer that does not contain oil as a base while wearing makeup in summer. Otherwise, your skin may be lubricated with moisture during the day.

In addition to moisturizing, do not forget to protect your skin from the damage of UVA and UVB rays. Complete the second stage of make-up with a high SPF preservative suitable for daily use.

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Do not forget to use Primer to T zone, nose edges, and cheeks in order to increase the permanence of makeup. A Primer that will be applied under foundation or blush in humid weather will help the skin look healthier for a longer time. However, do not overdo it when using this product. Otherwise, your skin may look pale and dull.

Although makeup artists do not recommend using a foundation in hot and humid summer months, if you need intense coverage, you can go for a liquid or gel-based matte foundation.

mark. Nude Matte Cream Concealer

For those with regional acne, skin blemish, or skin tone differences, we recommend that you turn to a stick concealer in creamy texture instead of using foundation. Concealers with a creamy texture contain more pigment when they contain more intense pigment, providing coverage all day long even on the hottest days.

Powder-based matte bronzers are among our suggestions for summer makeup. You can apply this product, which provides a healthy glow to the skin, makes the eyes appear and make the teeth appear whiter, with a brush on the areas where the sun naturally touches (forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose bone).

In the hot summer months, it is useful to stay away from powder-based blush. You can apply the gel, cream, or liquid blush on your cheeks for an eye-catching look all day long. In order to increase the permanence, you can fix the areas where you just apply blush with a transparent powder in a light texture.

Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara

Undoubtedly, eye makeup is among the riskiest areas on hot and humid days. For a long-lasting fresh look, you should stay away from shimmering products and apply a stabilizer base before applying makeup on the eyelids. When choosing eyeliner, eyeliner, and mascara, it is important to turn to water-resistant ones.

Lip gloss and matte lipsticks are among the makeup products that you should avoid moist air. You can complete your makeup with a colored lip moisturizer or a lip stain, as the lips dry up frequently throughout the day.

And it’s time for the final stage of makeup; It is very important to spray a stabilizing and protective moisturizing spray on your skin before going out on the hot summer days.

Here are 10 Makeup Tips for Hot Weather with products of Avon C16 2020! If you want to see more Avon Brochures, deals, or tips, you can visit the main page. And follow us on Twitter and Youtube to be the first who views the latest Avon Catalog!

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