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41 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Bob Bear says:

    You should add Winn Dixie

  2. Paula Wellman says:

    Could you add Marc’s?

  3. John Bodek says:

    For the third fucking time, unsubscribe me from this horseshit.

  4. Charley Brough says:

    I’ve noticed that the Target ads previews are running late on your site. Not sure exactly how you get your information but is Target or your newspaper source no longer providing the information? It seems to be a problem on other sites as well.

  5. Keri says:

    Please show me where the ad for Target starting 9/29? You CLEARLY state the add is ready and to take a look. Clearly false!! You did the same last week.
    I gave you my email but do NOT subscribe me.

  6. Alvin Watts says:

    You continue to advertise Maxwell House Decaff coffee but do not ship it to my store in Newport, Tn. I have a raincheck dated Sep 18,2019. I have checked every week and the employees tell me they did not get any. My raincheck is for 5 jars, I need 3 decaffinated and 2 regular. Please tell me what to do. This is false advertising at its worse. Please answer this by email.

  7. Linda says:

    Please add Family Dollar and Save More. Thank you.

  8. Barbara Lindsey says:

    Please add Winn Dixie
    & Dollar Tree!

    Shopular ruined theirs w/ adding other stuff!
    Couldnt see the ads
    Looked for another app,
    Took a couple of times!

    Thank u for being easy & fast,
    Like Shopular use 2 b!

  9. Diane Tompkins says:

    Are these meijer flyers for grand rapids michigan?

  10. Karen says:

    I need ads for Tennessee not chicago. We don’t have some of the stores you send ads for. Looking for Big Lots, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Lowes, Walmart, Target,, Aldi, CVS that I’m not getting now. Not sure if you can do this but half the ads I get there are no stores here. Thanks

  11. ellen metz says:

    please unsubscribe me. This is not what I was looking for. Thank you

    1. Ad Blogger says:

      Please click/tap the unsubscribe button that appears on the bottom of the email.

  12. jack r wilhite says:

    I a hundred miles from GA.

  13. phillip orland says:

    I like you site. I live in southern Calif. The adds I get MANY times do not apply to my area? Please be more area specific so I can make an intelligent choice on where I shop. Thanks

  14. phil orland says:

    Many times your adds are misleading. Can you do something about this

  15. tina dececco says:

    Please show the Walgreens Ad for Just 18-29

  16. Elaine J Hackett says:

    Why have you changed the formatting of your site? It has, in the past, been very easy to navigate, but now it is so confusing.

    1. Editor says:

      We have changed some features so that you can use the site more easily. If you can check it out and give us feedback, it’d mean a lot to us.

  17. Patsy Russell says:

    I’m Patsy Russell and the reason why I am writing to you is that I’ve found your website after a search on google, and I think your website could be a great match for my article about Home or near Home topic, and my future articles too. Let me know if there is a possibility for me to work with you
    Best Regards
    Patsy Russell

  18. Cindy Daniel says:

    Can you please send me the weekly ad via regular Mail? My 81 year old father is living with me and likes to go thru the ads

  19. Geniva says:

    Is there a way to get ad items on my shopping list?

  20. Angie says:

    It says the July 11 can be viewed, but all I see are the last two. Is it not live on the site yet?

  21. betty says:

    Have you stopped dropping off a hard copy of your ads? It was not in my delivery with the other grocery stores ads. I use the hard copy to make my grocery list. Thanks for your reply.

  22. Carolyn says:

    Stop with the Walmart ad blocking the screen. No matter the store, it shows up. Ruins your site.If they pay too much to give up, let me know so I can stop using your site.

  23. Sarah Serbeniuk says:

    I went to Aldi,Lansdale,pa for a butterball turkey and they were sold out. Will they restock before Sunday, Nov21,

  24. Ron Brown says:

    Every Publix ad is a week late. For example, I receive the ad that ends on Tuesday June 14th on Tuesday June 14th. Instead of receiving the ad that starts Wednesday June 15th.

  25. Ron Brown says:

    Every Publix ad is a week late. For example, I receive the ad that ends on Tuesday June 14th on Tuesday June 14th. Instead of receiving the ad that starts Wednesday June 15th.
    Please fix this as I have posted it before.

  26. David Caballero says:

    I just had my daughter buy us fresh Bing cherries. When I looked at the receipt I was shocked because the Aldi’s in Cary NC charged us $4.95 for one pound or almost $14 for a small package.

    Is that price a mistake? And if not then I would like to return those cherries.

  27. Betty Williams says:

    Why I’m contacting you, because I watched all your ads but one waiting for your gazebos sale, and I missed it, I just found out today from a friend that the sale was in May, is that true no store have them and they say they don’t remember. Please is that’s true can I still buy one at your price and where? Please contact me. Betty Williams

  28. Lida says:

    Hello Weeklyads2 team,

    Hope this find you well.

    This is Lida, marketing manager at JOYA, Bearcooker and Xiaomi.

    How to work with you at deal post and review article! Sincerely wanna to set up a long-term partnership with you.

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  29. Brenda says:

    It’d be nice to actually access the ad for today… Sunday September 18th 2022, however the previous ad is only showing.

  30. Hank G. says:

    Your Publix ad for September 21-27 does NOT list the gas coupon but it is on the flyer at the store,
    why isn’t it on yours?

  31. Brenda says:

    🤣 OMG Please help that fella (John Bodek 9/25/2019)or have him send all his ads to the many folks that WANT your ads! Either way reading his comments had me LMBO😂!

  32. Susan Middleton says:

    Can get Nothing on your app. Most important time of the year and all I can get is available and than the word null on all ads.this is terrible.i have reinstall it and everything.hoping you can get it up and running for me again. This my favorite app.

  33. Brenda says:

    Love your store. Just can’t afford to shop here anymore. very sad. Prices are not even comparable to other stores.

  34. Jeff Villegas says:

    Are you accepting new patients?

  35. Dan says:

    Why can’t I accept digital Deals on this web page?

  36. Karen Green says:

    how do i order a 16″calypso side table #968983

  37. Mary Anne Barr says:

    I am not able to open the Publix weekly ads in the last two weeks. It comes in my email but when I click on to read the ad, it asks for my email, then something else and then directs me someplace entirely different. All I want to do is read the weekly ad. It should not be difficult to just peruse the ad, but I get disgusted and just delete. You may be losing business. Any insight into this would be appreciated

  38. Max says:

    I went to Safeway this morning to buy items shown on your website to be on special.
    Unfortunately, when went to buy these items, they were NOT on sale! The prices you quoted on your site were great prices, but they were all fictitious.
    This happened to me once before so, obviously, I won’t be logging on to your site again.
    It sucks!

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