3 Useful Makeup Products From Avon Campaign 21 2019

In this article, you will see 3 Useful Makeup Products From Avon Campaign 21 2019 to best appearance in a short time! The desire to achieve smooth and flawless skin, which we all desire, is very easy, contrary to what is known. The main goal is to achieve the best appearance in a short time! And all 3 of these products can easily give you what you want.

Avon Tinted Moisturizer: A thin covering, healthy shine;

You can use colorful moisturizer instead of foundation. Avon Tinted Moisturizer is a color moisturizer with a concealer as fine as a foundation. This product gives the skin both moisture and beautiful shine. Therefore, apply with your fingers. You can apply a little more to those areas to increase the density in some places. This product distributes very homogeneously on your skin. So you can spread your product all over your face, even with your fingers on your eyelids. You can check out page 7 of Avon Campaign 21 2019 and see this product in detail!

Avon Creamy Concealer: Brightening Concealer;

Avon Creamy Concealer is both a concealer and a brightening product. You can browse this on Avon Brochure. You can use it to brighten your eyes and face. You can retouch. A little make-up secret: Apply this concealer more to the eye spring and eye edge to achieve a very effective light, and apply a little under the eye. You can also apply the product with light touches using your fingers to illuminate your T zone. Of course, the concealer should always be open from 1 or 1.5 tons of skin. This is a very important point that you should pay attention to when purchasing already concealer. If you want to get this, you should contact your Avon representative!

Avon Powder: The final touch for smoothness;

The last step for flawless skin is a transparent powder. Avon True Color Flawless Pressed Powder ensures both makeups last for a long time and the makeup surface is completely smooth if fingerprints are left. It also makes the version even easier if you are applying blush on it. You can apply a thin coat with a powder brush to the entire face, including your eyelids. It does not completely cover the brightness of the skin, your skin will have a healthy reflection again. In the meantime, you can choose Avon Brush as a powder brush. The ideal brush for large areas. It distributes the powder evenly over the entire face. See Avon True Color Flawless Pressed Powder on page 33 of Avon Catalog 21 2019.

    • Powder Brush , $16
    • Blush Brush, $15
    • Contour Brush, $10
    • Foundation Brush, $16
    • Eye shadow Brush, $12
    • Brow Brush, $9

Moreover, when you buy a any brush, you will get one HALF PRICE! You shouldn’t miss this opportunity! Avon Campaign 21 2019 has more than these 3 Useful Makeup Products! You will see many more in this catalog! Browse it!

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