5 Products You Shouldn’t Use

Time to learn 5 products you shouldn’t use in this article! Everyone tells you what to apply to your skin, but there are some products that it is not really right to use it for your skin health. We have written 5 products that you should not use for you. Also, we shared Avon Campaign 23 2020! You can find many natural, healthy, and quality cosmetic products in this Avon Catalog. Remember, you always deserve the best!


Peels may be just for you to cleanse and purify your skin. However, in fact, hard-grained peels damage your facial skin by scratching. Make sure that the particles of the peelings you prefer for your face are very small and soft. Even if you have a sensitive skin structure, you can completely remove this step from your skincare routine. Besides, hard washcloths are not good for your skin.

Paraben products

Paraben is a chemical substance used to extend the expiration date of products and to prevent bacteria in products. Many cosmetic products you use contain paraben. The paraben used to extend the shelf life of these products can cause skin problems such as eczema, irritation, and allergic reactions on your skin. When purchasing cosmetic products, pay attention to the phrase “paraben-free”. There are many Avon Products that are paraben-free. You should take a look at Avon C23 2020 in detail!


Face tonics are an essential part of many women’s skincare routines. But actually, tonics aren’t as innocent as you might think. Some ingredients found in many tonics do not have very good results for acne and inflamed skin. Instead of cosmetic products that contain chemicals, you can use clean products such as rose water to soothe your skin. Many skincare products that will be alternative to the toner are available on Avon Catalog 23 2020.

Spray sunscreens

Spray sunscreens that you can even spray on make-up are not as effective as you think. Due to its very fine structure, spray sunscreens cannot fully fulfill its function of sun protection. For this reason, you can choose sunscreens such as cream or lotion.


The soaps we are talking about here are of course not natural olive oil soaps. Scented soaps with perfume produced by companies. These soaps dry your skin excessively and disrupt the sebum balance. Besides, it may irritate your skin. For healthier skin, we recommend that you choose soaps with natural ingredients.

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