6 Care Tips for the New Season

Discover 6 tips for a care routine that will adapt your skin to a warm climate. Also, we share some product recommendations from Avon Campaign 11 2020! Let’s come to today’s topic! The skin is exposed to many harmful external factors, especially in winter, when the weather is more polluted. Skin problems such as accumulated toxins, edema, and inflammation, such as tissue disorder, acne, or white spots may be seen. So start your spring routine with an antioxidant step.

Purify Deeply

Environmental pollution intensified in the winter season may cause the pores to become more clogged and therefore to fatigue the skin. That’s why acne can occur on your skin. Purify your skin from the remnants of the cold climate by applying a deep cleansing treatment cure at home or by getting help from professionals for a quicker and more effective result. There are a few great products on page 26 of Avon Catalog 11 2020. So check it out!

Products with SPF

You may need to use more products with SPF in the spring season than in the winter, along with the extended daylight hours and the sun, which is more willing to show your face. In addition to fully sheltered products, products that can function well as the make-up base can help you in your fast morning routines.

Clean the Stains

If you are suffering from skin blemishes, it’s time to intensify the work to get rid of them. For spots that are more prone to increase with sunlight, you can choose an intensely effective skin color equalizer serum or glycolic acid peeling products.

Get effective solutions for your skin that dries and matters with cold weather. With the help of professional moisture and vitamin treatments that will saturate your skin with water and auxiliary products, you will add among the products you use, remove the shade from the skin in the winter and start the spring with a fresh, vibrant and full skin.

Renew Your Care Products

Spring up your intense daily routine, which you use to pamper your skin in the winter season and protect it against environmental influences. Instead of strong creams, you can breathe your skin with light formula moisturizers that can meet the needs of the skin and increase your SPF preferences and protect your skin more effectively against the sun.

So here are 6 Care Tips for the New Season and Avon Brochure 11 2020. If you want to see more Avon Products and deals, you can visit the main page! Also, you can follow us on Twitter! Here you go!

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