8 Products You Need In Your Autumn Makeup Bag

Today’s topic is about 8 Products You Need In Your Autumn Makeup Bag with products of Avon Campaign 26 2019. Autumn makeup is one of our favorite makeup styles of the year! We love makeup models with autumn nude, coffee and red shades! We have listed the makeup materials that are included in the autumn makeup trends and which we recommend to have in your makeup bag. Read on to meet makeup items that you shouldn’t leave in the fall.

Magix Prime Face Perfector

Our skin is the most suffering of the autumn months. You should start your makeup by moistening your dry skin because of the transition of the season. Avon Magix Prime Face Perfector SPF 20, which has been used by many users recently, is suitable for dry skin. If you’re complaining that your skin looks dull, you can use the Tint Brigtening Tinted Moisturizer in this series. You will love these makeup bases that moisturize dry skin and increase the makeup permanence! If you want to see more details about it, you can check out page 50 of Avon Catalog 26 2019.

Autumn Foundation

In autumn, natural-matte finishes are most preferred. Since we miss the matte foundation after the summer season, clouding of the weather evokes the matte makeup models. If you like matte autumn makeup like us, you should add the Avon Wand Foundation Stick to your makeup bag.

Avon Wand Foundation Stick is one of the rare foundations that can make skin look natural-matte all day without drying it. This foundation, which is flawless all day long without letting the skin shine, is both slim and closes skin imperfections very well. Pore appearance is also one of our favorite features to hide. You should look at page 50 of Avon Campaign 26 2019. It can be your new master multitasker! The magic wand that truly does it all!

Concealer proposal to hide autumn fatigue

Concealers have a great place in our autumn make-up to hide autumn fatigue and look more energetic and rested. Avon True Color Liquid Concealer, which we use every day of the year, conceals the under-eye bruises and gives a rested effect in autumn. If you’re looking for a concealer that you can throw in your bag when you go out, you can use it and see the effect all day long, you should meet the Avon True Color Liquid Concealer.

As for the structure of the Avon True Color Liquid Concealer, the first thing that comes to mind is a natural and bright finish. It doesn’t create an intense and thick look under the eye, on the contrary, it shows vivid, fresh and rested, and perfectly conceals the dark under-eye circles. You can refresh your makeup with this concealer anytime you look tired during the day.

Autumn Eyeshadow Palette

The most enjoyable part of the autumn season is to make eye makeup in front of the mirror. You should use red, copper, brown and nude shades in autumn eye makeup. Regardless of your eye color, these colors will suit you very well.

Mascara selection

How picky you should be about mascara. We identified a mascara that did not flow in the autumn season as a result of long evaluations.

Avon Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara is already in our makeup bag! Another feature of Avon Big & Multiplied Volume Mascara that separates the lashes one by one and makes them look more curly is that they do not lump. You should try this mascara that gives volume up to 3 times the lashes. For more details, see page 49 of Avon Brochure December 2019.

Don’t forget your eyebrow pencil!

One of the most frequently forgotten makeup items in the makeup bag is the eyebrow pencil. You will definitely need an eyebrow pencil to complete your autumn make-up, so you should get an eyebrow pencil that matches your eyebrow color as soon as possible.

To get a natural result when buying an eyebrow pencil, you should choose fine-tipped eyebrow pencils. Avon True Color Glimmerticks Brow Definer for eyebrows. This Eyebrow pencil is both very fine and the color scale is suitable for full eyebrow colors. We’re sure you’ll love this eyebrow pencil, which allows you to fill your eyebrows without breaking thanks to its soft tip.

Autumn matte lipstick

Autumn means matte lipstick. In autumn, you should prefer matte lipsticks with cold bottom tones. You should throw at least 2-3 makeup bags of matte lipsticks that match the autumn melancholic mood.

Autumn blush

In autumn makeup, we can revive our pale and colorless appearance with a blush. For autumn, apricot, pink and rose blush shades are going to our hands.

For those looking for a natural blush for autumn makeup, you should try the cranberry color of Avon True Color Luminous Blush. Thanks to this blush, which is close to skin color, you can add color to your make-up and at the same time maintain the natural make-up style. We love this blush makeup.

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