A New Year, A New You

A New Year, A New You with exclusive selections of Avon Campaign 6 2021! We have entered a new year. Can we learn about your expectations from the new year? For us, a new year means a new look!

We wanted to go a little out of the classic, usual makeup style, and made a few minor changes to our makeup. Keeping up with makeup trends, we now prefer fresher, vibrant and luminous looks. You can also consider the following suggestions to create a brand new look in the new year.

Make your skin look more moist

Skin make-up that looks more vivid, bright and moist in the new year attracts more attention. After the foundation application, you should use foundations with moisturizing effect to make your skin look brighter. Avon Foundation, one of our favorite foundations. It provides a brighter and healthier finish by moisturizing your skin thanks to the vitamin E and hyaluronic acid in its formula. Thanks to its moderate coverage, it conceals the imperfections in the skin and gives the skin a natural and radiant appearance.

If you like more moist and brighter skin make-up, you can apply Avon foundation with a moist make-up sponge. Put aside matte makeup looks for the new year and opt for more vibrant and energetic makeup styles. See Avon Catalog 6 2021!

Get rid of tired look

The New Year is a little tiring for all of us, we are aware. Now there is a solution to eliminate this tired and pale look. Avon Concealer conceals the dark circles under the eyes and the tired look in one application and makes our face look brighter in an instant. Those who want to see the high coverage and natural appearance effect at the same time will love this concealer.

Thanks to the sponge applicator of Avon concealer, it will be much easier to make up. Choose the color of concealer that suits your skin color and apply it under the eyes with buffer movements. Afterwards, spread the product thoroughly with the concealer’s own sponge tip, without the need for your fingers or an extra sponge. You will not believe that the tired under eye look disappears in the first application. See C6 Avon 2021 and see more details about Avon Concealers!

Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum!

AVON legendary mascara provides unlimited length even on the shortest lashes. If you want to maximize the length of your eyelashes in the new year, you should meet AVON immediately.

You don’t necessarily need to have expensive procedures such as eyelash lifting to extend your short and skinny eyelashes to the sky. Be one of the first to try out the AVON mascara that will mark this year and enjoy maximum length.

With its formula containing bamboo extract and fibers, AVON mascara gives unlimited length to eyelashes and provides permanence throughout the day. Thanks to its flexible silicone brush, it grasps the eyelashes from root to tip and creates a permanent appearance without clumping. We strongly recommend this mascara for those who expect new lashes from the new year.

Make your eye makeup more practical

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is not to be late, you need to learn how to make practical eye makeup. If you are tired of being late and constantly telling your friends excuses, we have a great suggestion for you. AVON allows you to apply headlights in one step and helps you practice your eye makeup more. The soft applicator of the pencil eyeshadows allows you to apply the eyeshadow very easily. When applying, it turns from a powder form to a creamy structure and leaves a soft shiny effect on the eyelid. You can make smoky, smoky or plain eye makeup by using pencil eyeshadows that last up to 12 hours with its intensely pigmented formula.

Change contour application

How would you like to change the contour makeup you have done so far? We know that you love to contour because it shapes your facial contours and makes your face look thinner, but since more natural make-up looks are popular in the new year, you should change your contour makeup a little. We now do the contour technique with bronzer, not with contour make-up materials such as foundation or concealer. Bronzer powder provides a more natural and soft finish on the skin. It does not create the appearance of contours drawn like a ruler, on the contrary, it shapes the face while preserving its natural shape.

AVON Bronzer, one of the best bronzers, is an ideal product for contour makeup! This bronzer with intense pigmentation allows you to contour without dusting. With its matte finish, it integrates with your skin and helps to reveal the facial features. For a more natural application, you can try contouring with a chubby powder brush.

Moist lips

You don’t need aesthetic procedures to get fuller lips in the new year. Let’s introduce you to AVON Gloss for a fuller and moist lip look. You can apply the AVON Gloss gloss over your lipstick or use it alone. This gloss, which has the feature of plumping lips, will give you a more attractive look. See Avon C6 2021 for the best lip gloss and lipsticks!

We recommend that you take a break from the matte lip habit in the new year and switch to more moist and shiny lips. Shiny lips will make you look younger and more vibrant. If you wish, you can make your make-up stand out by using AVON nude gloss.

Here are some tips for A New Year, A New You with Avon Brochure 6 2021! If you want to see more beauty tricks, Avon Products, and product reviews, you should take a look at the home page. Also, you should follow us on Youtube and see the latest news about Avon and Avon Catalog in the US!

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