Albertsons Ad Fall Festival Savings

With the coming of fall, house parties has started. In spite of meeting outside, inviting friends home is a better idea as it’s cold outside. How about watching your favourite team’s game or dancing with your friends by grabbing couple of drinks? Albertsons ad fall festival is just for you. You will find several ranges of beer, wine, vodka, soda and more in Albertsons ad this week. Here are this week’s great offers on drinks.

albertsons ad fall festival

You can prepare great cocktails with these drinks also. Since you have Bacardi, it’s a good idea to make mojito for your friends. The other ingredients are, lime, mineral water, brown sugar, fresh mint and ice.

Albertsons Ad Fall Festival Mojito Recipe

First squeeze fresh mint with brown sugar.
Add some Bacardi in it and keep squeezing by a wood spoon.
Smash the ice into small pieces and put it in a big glass.
Put mint, sugar and Bacardi mixture into the glass.
Put some lime into the glass.
Add a little bit sparkling water or non aromatic soda.
Add some more Bacardi.

Your mojito is ready. Enjoy your game days with your friends by Albertsons ad fall festival savings!