ALDI Ad Food Sale Mar 8 – 14 2017

A usual sale of ALDI Ad consisting of meat, gluten free food, selection of fresh produce and meat. ALDI Ad Food Sale Mar 8 - 14 2017ALDI red hot special of the week is Crofton stainless steel tea kettle. Good for outside activity and grilling events. If you go outside to grill with your friends, taking this would be clever in case there are some who are fond of tea. Some surprising products are in this ad. Office furniture including chair, desk, desk lamp, and other small accessories to keep things organized can be found at ALDI. Jeggings and joggers for ladies are on sale from ALDI find. Seafood savings still go on with this ad. Check out final page of the ad for detailed view of all products.

On cover page there are only fresh produce and meat:

You can see Gluten free bakery, pasta, pantry and cookies. Scientifically, it’s been proved Gluten can cause serious issues. If you are allergic to it, serious results may occur. Since, gluten free products got so popular in recent years. ALDI likes to sell these products.

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