ALDI Garden Sale Apr 12 – 18, 2020

ALDI Garden Sale Apr 12 - 18, 2020Two ALDI ads are currently viewable and one of them is valid. The ALDI Weekly Ad contains garden sale, home products, and kitchenware, fresh produce, and dinner ideas for each workday. But you can, of course, make them at the weekend, too. They are just ideas. Buy grapes and blueberries at ALDI for the lower prices. They are available on the first page. Blueberries cost will be $2.49. Check out dinner ideas on the first page. Today, you can make a salmon & veggie puffs. Easy dish, a couple of ingredients only. There are only two pages of the weekly ad. Go to the second one for ALDI Garden Sale Apr 12 – 18. Firstly, learn about what to do for Spring care in your garden. Probably a lot of watering. ALDI has a garden hose, watering wand, and this sort of product.

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