Amazon eero 6 Dual Wi-Fi 6 Router

Amazon introduced a new router called eero 6. It comes with a built-in Zigbee smart home hub. You can buy it with an extender for under $200. The coverage of Amazon. eero 6 is 1500 sq ft with a speed that can be 900 Mbps. It’s a suitable router for 4K streaming and conferences. Consider we have at least a year of Covid-19 and its restrictions, there is still a need to perfect our interior network design. This router might be a good idea. Amazon Eero 6

Amazon eero 6 can connect to 75 + devices at the same time. That smart home hub built in the device will be a useful tool to manage your other smart home devices like Alexa. It can connect to 6 different devices. I think there is no need for mentioning that it works with Alexa.

Amazon Eero 6 - 1

Amazon offers free shipping, too. There is a chance for a $50 discount if you get Amazon Rewards Visa Card that requires no annual fee. These devices are popular in the times like Black Friday, too. If there is no rush for your need of a router, I suggest that you wait for the big deals like Amazon Prime Day and catch up with a good deal.