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Amazon Hologram RickRick and Morty never disappoint fans and they are here with another season full of surprises and creative writing. I don’t remember a boring episode of this masterpiece show. If you watched all episodes of season 4, you must remember hologram Rick who was trying to convince Morty who was under the impact of a death crystal. Spoiler Alert; Rick was dead for the moment but Morty was completely hypnotized for his passion to die with Jessica and he was only acting according to death crystal. This is Rick, he’s the smartest man in the universe and he’d never die for a simple reason. In fact, there are infinite Ricks so it almost has no importance whatsoever. But he had a hologram Rick version of himself who comes after his death. It’s one of the coolest episodes and you should definitely watch that adventure. Funko Pop! Animation Rick & Morty Hologram Rick clone is an Amazon Exclusive toy. Free shipping on orders above $25 on You can see more Amazon hologram toys. See the Amazon Hologram Rick Funko Pop Exclusive and similar hologram toys if you are interested:

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