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We share important deals and best-seller products from the range of Amazon. Browse these items, read reviews about these and learn which services you may use to save more. Amazon sale ad lists will help you reach your favorite items quickly.

Buy the latest Amazon sale items on this page. We create visuals of the products and links to the shopping pages of the Amazon products for simplicity. These are Amazon Ads but not the official ones. We just make these for you to easily browse the best sellers of some popular categories. If you want to buy something or just inspect the details or read the reviews of Amazon customers on, just click on the product links and you will be redirected there. Anything Amazon sells, we can promote it here.
Coupons will also be available on these ads. Scroll down to see all the products.
One ad contains averagely 30-40 items from the promoted range. Please note that not all the items have prices here since some groups of products don’t actually have prices on, neither. You will see “Buying Options” links on the items without prices. These are usually grocery products or supermarket items.
An editor will update this page depending upon the changes in Amazon sale regarding the possible interest of our readers and visitors in those products. This can be weekly, daily, or monthly.

Amazon Prime Exclusive Services May Help You Access Many More Products with 30-day Free Trial

Many products are exclusive items to the Amazon Prime members. Join Amazon Prime membership and buy products like Whole Foods Market Amazon grocery products. Free trials are also available. For example, more grocery and food programs like Amazonfresh are in exclusive services. With Prime services, you can get some of your deliveries on the same day and some of them in 2 hours. This service also serves as a preview of the highlighted deals. For example, some deals will be in your access 30-minute before they are public.

If you are an online grocery shopper, Amazon Whole Foods Market range is a suitable shopping place for you. Moreover, you get 2-hour delivery with items that are available in your area. Get Prime rewards Visa card and benefit the 5% back. Grocery exclusives are probably the most interesting part for our visitors and it’s one of the things that we think deciding to link our content with Amazon deals. Read the weekly ads of local stores to compare the prices vs Whole Foods Market.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial!

Amazon Prime Movies & TV Shows

One of the primary reasons for joining the Prime program all around the world is probably the movies and TV shows. For example, you can watch The Grand Tour with online Amazon Prime video services. One of the upcoming series is a store of Lord of the Rings. You will have access to the Amazon originals with your membership.

Prime Also Gives You Free Games

If you are a gamer or watcher on Twitch, there are certain advantages of Prime membership. Get in-game loots, monthly subscriptions to channels. Exclusive offers are also available on a monthly basis.

Two Million Songs Available with Amazon Music and Prime

One of the perks of Amazon Prime is Amazon Music. 2M songs are available in the service. If you are not sure about your favorite pieces of music are available or not, try it for 30 days for free! There are two kinds of memberships available for Amazon music. Go to the Amazon music page and get it with 50 million songs. Or get the prime and start enjoying 2 million songs.

Read Our Content About The Latest Amazon Deals and New Offers

Our daily content aims to let you know about the special deals and many products that are in the range of Amazon Sale. Usually, there is a page of daily Amazon deals. They offer today’s deals from many different departments. Subscribe to Today’s Deals on and receive the news from these discounts. You can save up to over 70% on some products. Sort them upon the department, deal type (such as lightning deals, deal of the day, prime early access deals, coupons, and savings), availability, price interval, and discount percentage. Also, there is a parameter of review ratings. Choose only 5-star rated and on-sale items if you don’t like risky shopping.

Alternative methods do exist to follow Amazon deals. Surely, I would recommend you to read our posts here but we can’t cover millions of products and we don’t have enough staff to do it. However, we can suggest some ways as Amazon does, too.

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Lightning Deals

An Amazon lightning deal is a discount that is for a limited time and number on an item. Similar to coupons, you can only get a certain number of the product for that discount price. Notice that they are time-sensitive. Therefore, you may have to join a waitlist for the item you want. If all items available are in the carts of other customers, you will see a warning. So when you see that, you need to join a waitlist.

Go to lightning deals page, which is a part of Today’s Deals, to see new ones. Check out the products. If available, add to cart. You must use the widget, otherwise, the regular product page doesn’t give you the lightning deal.

Amazon Prime Early Access Deals

As mentioned above, these are the deals you can access 30 minutes prior to their release for all customers. For example, if you are a prime member go to the Amazon prime early access page, and see the accessible deals with the rates of discounts.

Access Exclusive Amazon Whole Foods Market, Get 10% off Extra

Join prime to access to the weekly deals and an extra 10% discount off Amazon Whole Foods Market grocery products. Exclusive deals are for prime members. Alexa can help you order groceries online. Learn how to use Alexa for your weekly shopping on a “How It Works” page. For example, you can ask Alexa for the status of your orders. Just ask about where is your stuff and it will give you the information. Use Echo or Echo dot with the mobile app of Alexa, get notifications about the arrival of your orders. To order, you just say “Alexa, order bread”.  Some commands for ordering are available on that how-to page.

Visit Amazon Whole Foods Market today, to access healthy foods, a wide range of groceries, and supermarket products.

Become a prime member, get 5% back at Whole Foods Market and also, save 10% more on your weekly shopping items. If you are a Prime member, it’s possible to spot more savings at Whole Foods Market stores. Plus, you will get 2-hour delivery. Learn about Prime savings at Whole Foods Market. You just scan the prime code to get the savings and these services.

Another important category of online Amazon sales is the rewards visa card. Get 5% back at Whole Foods Market with that card. Apply for this card and get a $50 gift card when your card arrives. Not only online, but also restaurants, gas station, and pharmacy shopping will give you rewards. All other purchases will 1% back.

Save on Nursery and Baby Products With Amazon Baby Registry

If you become an Amazon mom member or register this program for 90-day extended returns. Exclusive discounts 10-15% for everything in baby & nursery categories. Register today with easy steps requiring only your name and email. You can also register for gift cards and diaper fund. Get exclusive discounts.

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Amazon Grocery Coupons 20 Aug 2020

Check out this Amazon sale on certain enfamil products and Quaker Rice Crisps. They have an important deal on each of these items. There are currently 5 different items that will be on sale with coupons. Each coupon gives you 15% off. Snacks, personal care products, household supplies, and more groups of products are also on sale. There are a lot more coupons on beauty and personal care products, too. Amazonfresh is a great place to shop for groceries online. Cool deals like these are waiting for you in Amazon grocery coupons 20 Aug:

Amazon Grocery Coupons 20 Aug 2020

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As of right now, quite a few products of Chobani and siggi's, and more brands are on sale at Amazonfresh. This online grocery sale is a great thing if you wanted to buy things like these for the week. Cheese, yogurt, and more are available here.

Subscribe to the newsletter to receive more deals like Amazon Grocery Coupons 20 Aug. Currently, these coupons are valid but Amazon may change anything regarding the prices and discounts. We also may earn a little commission if you purchase through these links.

Back To School Deals - Electronics - Amazon, Best Buy, Target

If you want to see Target back to school sale in the Target Weekly Ad, go to pg 11-12. Back To School Deals - Electronics - Amazon, Best Buy, TargetSimple accessories of electronic categories such as a mouse, HDD, calculator, and a laptop are going to be on sale until Aug 1. You can also find some fun products like headsets. In fact, they are not fun in most cases. They are a necessity when in a crowd or library. The fun is the Nintendo Switch. When you are free, you can play your favorite games on this mobile game console. Go to pg 12 for that product. Nothing special about its price but the product might be a good reminder of the need for fun in stressful times. Browse all back to school deals 2020 at Target including electronics

Target Ad Back to School Electronics:

Best Buy Back to School - Student Deal

Save up to $300 on Lenovo laptops. Student deals are waiting for you on the latest Best Buy Ad. Shop now for the Best Buy student deals. A computer is the first need of electronics when in studying something. But you can also find more deals in the top deals section of Best Buy.

Best Buy Back to School Student deal 2020

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Target sells Texas Instruments TI-30IIS calculator for $9.99 as you can see it above. It's really cheap. But is it what you are looking for? If you want to go with something professional that can even draw you graphs, you might want to check out the Best Buy calculator deals.

Amazon Back to School Sale

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HP Printer Paper:

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PILOT G2 Premium Refillable:

Sharpie S-Gel:

EXPO Low Odor Dry Erase Markers:

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Animal Adventure Jolley TrolleyPlush:

Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT | Safe - Quality Bluetooth Headphones

Before you read the review, I want you to know that I have been using these earphones for 6 months now, and I don't plan to replace them with anything else. I am listening to this Bluetooth right now and I am a huge fan of classic rock 'n roll songs from bands like Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Stones, and so on. If you are a fan of their songs, you should probably desire to hear the bass guitar with crystal clarity and don't want it to disturb the electro guitar either. Drums must be heard distinctively, too. Buy Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT now on

Depending On Your Purpose:

  • Gaming: Don't buy (Any accessories with Bluetooth is not the best for gaming)
  • Watching Movies: Buy
  • Music: Definitely Buy
  • Conference calls or business purposes: You can buy a cheaper headset

Before I bought this product I had another Sennheiser earphone called CX300. After having tried many brands, my favorite became Sennheiser and when I decided to buy a BT headset, I firstly thought of Sennheiser. I am not a professional or a sound engineer. I can't tell you the technical things. They are already in the product details on However, I can tell you that this sound satisfies me both watching movies on Netflix and listening to any kind of music on Spotify. Unless you are a professional working in the industry, I think this device might be one of the ultimate ones you can buy.

IMG 8225 IMG 8226

Sennheiser Cx 6.00bt Bass Quality and Safety 

The bass feels very deep and since it's an in-ear headset, I think it's better than AirPods when you regard only the bass quality. Since it has a cable connecting two earphones, it feels safer than Airpods. However, the supportive plastic can get dirty after you listen to music for hours. It happens to me a lot.

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT

The Best and Worst Things About Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT

The best thing about this Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT: Also, it has a wider frequency response than most common headphones. Humans can hear 20 - 20.000 Hz. But if the lowest frequency response of an earphone is 17, that means it won't have a difficulty to generate the sound at 20 Hz. Therefore, I think I can hear very loud sounds and very deep bass from this device because of that. And I never experienced laggy performance while watching movies or even playing games.

The worst thing about this Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT: It sometimes disconnects on Windows. It is usually stable but while I am listening to Spotify, I pause the music, go to Youtube, open a video, and pause the video, then come back to Spotify, the sound will be muted. I somehow developed a solution on my computer; I switch between sound sources. There are two sources; hands-free audio and Cx 6.00 stereo. They both appear in the settings of the sound icon. When I switch from hands-free to stereo, I am able to hear the sound. But it can be about Windows or anything else. Maybe my computer. (This problem doesn't occur to Macbooks or iPhone, which I use both)

S, M, L, and XL ear adapters:

IMG 8228 IMG 8229

Sennheiser Cx 6.00BT Battery

If you don't have the chance to charge your earphones from time to time during a working day, and if you listen to something on them for more than 4-5 hours, I don't recommend this product for you. But I am sitting on a chair, in front of my laptop, I am always able to charge my earphones. It also gives me liberty to go outside listening to my music. In general, its battery can only last for 6 hours. It takes 1.5 hours to completely charge it.

You'll use this cable to charge it - They are called Micro USB 2.0

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Charger

Sennheiser CX 6.00BT Charger

Bluetooth Range

The Bluetooth range may depend on your computer. Also, this product is a great alternative to most earbuds that can be lost easily. The cable looks ugly, but it feels much safer than earbuds. My overall opinion is very positive about this Bluetooth device. I have been using it for 6 months, and other than the minor issues.

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