Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment From Avon Campaign 21 2019

Today’s topic is related to how to have a healthy lip so you will see some information about Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment from Avon Campaign 21 2019. If you have thin lips, you’d want them a little fuller, wouldn’t you? Plump but natural. How do you get this look without aesthetics? Lips are very important for women. Those with thin lips want their lips to look a little thicker and apply makeup tricks for it. Do you know that the lips also age? Lips that were dry, streaked and lost lip line. We wouldn’t want that at all, would we? We can’t prevent aging, but we can delay it! Even for your lips!

Is the fullness effect possible with lip care cream?

Yes, it is possible. With a special technology in the content of the cream, you can make your lips look fuller. Of course, this fullness is not permanent but with regular use, you can see the difference on your lips. If you want to see more details and information about this product, you should check out page 17 of Avon Catalog 21 2019.

Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment with vitamin C and E in its content, it saturates lips with moisture. Intense moisture & rich content developed to fix lips Moisturizes & nourishes lips & provides smooth texture Lips saturated with intense moisture appear fuller than they are. This product minimizes the appearance of signs of aging such as fine lines, dryness, and dullness. Clarifies lip contour. The lines on the lips saturated with moisture and fullness become invisible.

You can use this product as routine maintenance in the morning or evening or repeat during the day if needed. The balm-like texture turns into a transparent structure with heat during application. You can use it before applying lip makeup and ensure the smoothness of the lip surface. Also, it doesn’t harm your lipstick application, on the contrary, it makes it easier to apply. So it can be used as a base under lipstick.

On Avon Campaign 21 2019 has more than this! If you want to discover more Avon Products, you should visit this catalog! Here you go!

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