Avon Anti-Aging Products and Ingredients

In this article, you will see some Avon Anti-Aging products with Avon Campaign 1 2021! Resisting time means not allowing skin functions to become lazy. Be it from bad living conditions or fatigue with age; With anti-aging cosmetics, we can repair wrinkles, stains, sagging, and dryness of the skin. You can use the anti-aging products in this catalog in series. However, you should choose according to your skin age and problems.

Antiaging products, called anti-aging, can be used by anyone with early wrinkles and blemish problems. However, the active ingredient in each cream does not have the same density. You can see this by looking at the formula on the back of the box.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is used in cosmetics in the form of ascorbic acid. It supports the healing of wounds and promotes cell renewal. Vitamin C strengthens the connective tissue and helps reduce blemishes. It accelerates collagen production to prevent wrinkles. There is no requirement that every vitamin C cream will work perfectly! Vitamin C in the cream to be applied to the face should be avoided from the sun and remain stable. Combine it with vitamin E cream when you want to use it as an anti-aging. When used as a cure, combining it with creams with vitamin E speeds up the recovery. Sunscreen should be used during the day.

Avon Vitamin C Products;

  • Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum, $44
  • Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment, $14
  • Anew Vitamin C Illuminating Priming Moisturizer, $34
  • Vitamin C Brightening Eye Cream, $34
  • Anew Vitamin C Warming Peel, $27
  • Face The Day A Box, $37

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the cell against aging. Stops the damage caused by UV rays. It helps to strengthen the protective mantle of the skin and keep it alive. Also, it works to repair dehydrated, sun-battered skin, with impaired circulation, and to alleviate wrinkles. It softens dry and dull skin with reduced nutrition and helps to form healthy and moist skin.

Avon Anti-Aging Products from Avon C1 2021;

  • Avon Solutions Anti-Aging Cream, $13
  • The Therapy Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Facial Serum, $36
  • Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Treatment, $45
  • Anew Clinical Line Eraser with Retinol Targeted Treatment, $40
  • Skinvincible Deep Recovery Cream, $40
  • Anew Ultimate Supreme Advanced Performance Crème, $60
  • Anew Power Serum, $45
  • Clinical Extra Strength Retexturizing Peel, $40
  • Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $40
  • Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25, $42

Here are some Avon Anti-aging products with Avon Brochure 1 2021! If you want to see more deals, Avon Products, and tips, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on Youtube and check out the latest Avon Catalog in the US before anyone else!