Avon Campaign 18 2019 with Skin Care After A Workout

In this article, you will learn what to do after a workout and what products of Avon Campaign 18 2019 you should apply.

A training that will make you sweat will benefit both your mind, your body, and your soul. However, if you neglect to do proper cleansing and nourishing skincare after training, this training can be as harmful as it is beneficial to your skin.

The acceleration of your heart rate is good for your circulation, so your skin gets a healthy glow as you want. However, as a result of this sweating, both you and your skin may remain dehydrated and the risk of clogging your pores may increase. According to experts, with proper cleansing and moisturizing techniques, it can help your skin recover after an intensive yoga, cycling or another training session.

Step 1: Cleaning

After a workout, your priority should be cleaning. According to experts, removal of dirt and oil is very important, because makeup and dirt residues can mix with oil and sweat, causing irritation and clogging of the pores. Therefore, careful and meticulous cleaning is a must. It is better to go to the gym without makeup to keep your skin as clean as possible. However, if you want to do some make-up, you can prefer Avon Magix Brightening Tinted Moisturizer, a light-colored moisturizer to help keep your pores open. You can see more details about this product on page 33 of Avon Campaign 18 2019.

Even if you prefer to do makeup while going to the gym, you will want to clean your face after sweating. You are free to choose the cleansing product you want, but the most practical solution you can carry in your gym bag, without the risk of spills, is a package of make-up wipes. For these reasons, you should try Avon Makeup Remover Wipes with Mineral Complex. Moreover, the texture of these wipes, combined with the cleansing components of the product, will gently remove all kinds of sweat, dirt, oil, and makeup. If you want to see more details about it, you can check out page 36 of Avon Brochure 18 2019.

Step 2: Moisturizer

You should apply a moisturizer that re-moisturizes the dehydrating skin, making it smooth and radiant. In addition to drinking plenty of water to saturate your body moisture, you will need to apply a moisturizer to restore the moisture that your skin loses during training. Conventional moisturizers can be oily and stay on the skin as a protective shield to keep the skin feeling soft and prevent water loss. However, it would be more appropriate to use a moisturizer that deeply moistens the skin from the inside to the outside, preserving the radiance of the skin and providing long-term flexibility.

It is true that you prefer a product such as Avon Anew Hydra Fusion Gel Cream, which is naturally present in the skin and contains hyaluronic acid that allows the skin to retain moisture, absorbed immediately and leaves no oily residue. If you want to see more details about it, you can see on page 15 of Avon Catalog 18 2019.

What should be the last step of your skincare after a workout?

Before going out, do not forget to use any SPF product you want! Just as your cardio training protects your heart health, regular use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 protection will also protect your radiant skin from sunlight. Daily sunscreens are essential for the prevention of sun damage, early signs of aging and skin cancer.

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