Avon Campaign 19 2020

Avon Campaign 19 2020 is available now! Skincare, makeup, fragrance, candles, jewelry, fashion, home, bath & body, and many more can be browsable on this Avon Catalog! Also, we shared some tips and useful information about skin types and care for you. Let’s check it out!

Skin Types and Care

Genetics is a basic factor in skin appearance, but hormonal changes, nutritional habits, environment, and skincare are also effective on skin appearance. The first step in skincare is to know the skin type, and the second step is to create the skincare routine.

Combination Skin Type

Defining combination skin type is more difficult than other volumes because it combines two or more skin types together. Normally those with combination skin have an oily T zone, but other areas of the skin are of dry or normal skin type. Choose different products for different parts of your face. Oily creams lubricate your T zone even more and moisturize the dry spots of your skin.

Oily Skin Type

This skin type is highly affected by hormonal changes in the body, and its bright appearance is further enhanced. In people with this skin type; black spots, skin spots, and T-zone lubrication are seen.

Do not constantly wash your skin, as this will only trigger more oil production. Instead, use a cleanser that gently cleanses your skin. Then use a non-comedogenic serum or gel-based lotion. You might find these products from Avon c19 2020. Moisturizing oily skin may seem unreasonable, but necessary to regulate skin balance. A weekly clay mask or blackhead cleansing mask is effective for this skin type.

Dry Skin Type

Dry skin does not mean a lack of moisture. Even the outer layer of your skin can maintain a constant moisture level. Dry skin; It can be identified by very tight pores, visible lines, rough texture, and red spots.

People with this skin type should prefer mild cleansers. Moisturizers with high SPF protection will protect against sunspots that may occur on the skin. So clean your skin as gently and massage as possible. Also, hot showers are not suitable for this skin type. The more you reduce the temperature, the better.

Sensitive Skin Type

Sensitive skin that can be easily irritated, has dry spots, reddened areas, and a bumpy texture. Avoid using anti-aging products that contain fragrance. Give your skin time when you start using a product. First of all, apply a small amount and wait for the reaction of your skin. Try to keep your skincare routine simple to avoid reactions to your skin.

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