Avon Campaign 20 2020

Avon Campaign 20 2020 will fascinate you with its incredible product range and opportunities! As in every catalog, we will see the most trending products and special offers of the season! Get the most exclusive products with Avon quality. And to take advantage of their offers, be sure to check out this Avon Brochure! Also, we shared summer care for blonde hair in this article. You can read it! Here u go!

Summer Care for Blonde Hair

Blonde hair, which wears out after long hours at the hairdresser, openers, and chemicals, tends to suffer more in the summer. Here are the tips you need if you don’t want green, copper or matte colored, hardening, and neglected hair on the summer days.

Always Moist

Blonde hair, which has already undergone many chemical processes, tends to wear and dry. Hair becomes extra dry and sensitive with the sea, pool, and sun rays. With the moisture masks, you will add to your weekly hair care routine, you can keep your hair soft and shiny and make them more resistant to external factors.

Care Before Swimming

Some substances in the pool and seawater can make your yellow shade look greener, copper, or dull. You can protect your color by wetting your hair before entering the water, or by feeding an oil-free conditioner and oil into your hair, and minimize the damage that water will cause to your hair.

Special Shampoos

In addition to the color-protecting shampoos you use in your daily life, you can also add color-regenerating shampoos to your bathroom routine. You can use shampoos that will give your hair a golden tone for the dull and green color, and you can choose silver shampoos for the copper tone.

Protection from the Sun

Like your skin, your hair will be damaged by the Sun, and unfortunately, blond hair is more vulnerable to this harmful effect. UV rays dry the hair and make it matte. You can provide the protection you need when going out to the sun with its filter hair products, and you can make extra care for your blond hair by choosing products with moisturizing properties.

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