Avon Campaign 24 2019

Are you looking forward to Avon Campaign 24 2019? Avon, who managed to surprise us in every catalog, what will he offer us with his catalog specially prepared for the winter season? Innovative and useful products are exciting. Avon Catalog that they prepare for the season is designed to meet your needs. It’s time to put your summer products on the shelves! You should change your make-up and care products as you change your clothes during the seasons. Your skincare and makeup products are really important in a daily skincare routine.

Do you know that the health and moisture of your skin are directly proportional? If we think that the body has about 80% water, we can comprehend the importance of the moisture we apply from the outside as well as the water we get through the liquid. Only water that is transported from the inside to the cells is not enough to have a healthy and radiant skin.

Our skin types may differ, and the moisture content we need may vary, but this does not change the fact that each skin needs to be moistened. For dry skin, intensive moisturizing cures should be applied and specially formulated products should be used for mixed skin. If you have oily skin, you should definitely avoid oily products to prevent acne formation and maintain pore balance. In age-related anti-aging use, face type and maximum restorative benefit should be evaluated together.

Avon Moisturizers

Your skin can maintain its radiance and vitality when it is not exposed to external influences. However, air pollution, make-up materials, sun rays and air changes in city life disrupt the natural structure of the skin and cause deformations. At this point, you can understand how important the moisturizer is. Moisturizer is one of the products you will need most during the season passes. See Avon Campaign 21 2019 for humidifiers for now.

Especially during the seasonal passages, depending on the change in the water balance in the body, dry skin, flaking and small wrinkles due to thirst may occur. Increasing fluid consumption during these periods will contribute to your skin health.

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