AVON Campaign 25 2021

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When the winter months come, our make-up colors change, including daily make-up. Orange, brown and burgundy tones are starting to be used more. So what are the tricks of winter makeup? We shared some tips and some special Avon Products from Avon C25 2021! Follow these steps and use these special products!

How to do winter makeup?

Winter makeup is usually done using darker colors. You can liken it to clothing choices. When cold winter days come, we turn to darker and thicker clothes. In the same way, more intense skin make-up and dark colors are in the foreground in make-up. Especially when using lipstick and eye shadow, copper, brown, black and burgundy tones can be preferred. If you want to achieve a nice harmony in this make-up style, you need to combine your blush color and eye shadow with harmonious colors. If you wish, you can achieve a perfect integrity by simply applying the blush you use to the fold area of your eyelids.

What are the winter makeup lipstick colors?

Lipsticks, which are the ambitious finishing stage of winter make-up, allow you to emphasize the make-up. Generally, brown and nude tones look natural in face make-up, while if you want to create more dominant lips, you can use dark red and burgundy lipsticks. Again, purple and purple tones are among the lipstick colors that will adapt to the winter make-up style.

Popular Avon Lipsticks from C25 AVON 2021;

  • Avon 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo Lip Line & Fill Duo, $13
  • Ink Tint Tattoo Matte, $17
  • Glimmerkiss Liquid Lipstick, $14
  • fmg Ink High-Gloss Lacquer, $21
  • fmg Cashmere Essence Lipcream, $22
  • Flat Velvet Lipstick, $12
  • fmg Glimmer Satin Lipstick, $11
  • fmg Cashmere Lipcream Matte, $22
  • VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Marble Glow, $28
  • fmg Cashmere Lipcream Satin, $22
  • VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot, $23
  • Flat Two-Tone Lipstick, $16
  • Avon Mattitude Liquid Lipstick, $13
  • VDL Creamy Stick Jelly, $31

How to choose a blush color for winter makeup?

It can often be difficult to choose a blush color when doing winter make-up. While making this choice, your eye makeup will always guide you. If you only have mascara or eyeliner on your eyes, you will not have any difficulty in blushing. But if you are applying different color transitions with eye shadow, you can determine the blush color accordingly. If your eyes are dominated by brown and black tones, you should apply more bronze blush. But if you have a simple eye make-up, you can also choose brown, orange and pink blushes. Let’s see Avon Catalog Campaign 25 2021 and get your favorite at low prices!

AVON winter makeup products

As with all of its products, AVON is with you with affordable options for the cosmetic products you will prefer for the winter! Claret red lipsticks, bronze blush models, non-flowing eyeliner and eyeliner varieties! Stay tuned to the AVON Catalog 25 2021 to browse affordable winter makeup supplies and try new styles!

You can easily buy the cosmetic products you need by following the seasonal discounts. Now is the time to meet AVON quality. Skin care, make-up, hair care, nail care and all other cosmetic products are waiting for you. While trying new products, you can learn new tricks about makeup by following the home page. Also, see the category page and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!