Avon Campaign 6 2021

It is a good time to browse Avon Campaign 6 2021! As every week, you can view many new attractive offers and great Avon products with this Avon Brochure! You will find many personal care reputations, makeup products, skin care products, hair care products, and more here. Let’s take a look at all the pages and find your needs at low prices!

There are some elements that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought to our lives. We no longer have the opportunity to go to cosmetic stores and discover the product on site as before. However, the system that Avon has been maintaining for years is useful in this period. Thanks to the catalogs they offer, you can discover great products and buy Avon products at great prices.

What is a Maskne?

Protective face masks provide protection from diseases that threaten our health. Mask, distance and hygiene are among the most important elements of the trio. Of course, while paying attention to the use of masks, we should not neglect our skin cleansing. If we do not pay attention to our skin care, acne formation starts on our skin. Maskne is the new name of acne formation caused by the use of masks.

What Causes Maskne?

When the mask is used for a long time, irritation due to friction occurs. When we cover the bacteria on our skin with a mask for a long time, the pores and sebaceous gland ducts become clogged. If regular skin care is not done, inflamed pimples may occur in the chin and cheek area caused by the mask.

How to Prevent a Maskne?

First of all, the first thing we will do to prevent this situation is to use the correct mask. The mask type we should prefer should be cotton or washable silk. The rest is left to regular skin care.

Here are 4 tips we will give you to prevent the formation of masks;

1. Take a break from heavy makeup.

Since face masks cover half of our face, we need to use lighter products for our skin to breathe. We should take a break from heavy makeup and clean our skin regularly. For light and natural make-up, the best product you can use on your face will be BB cream.

Avon Nutra Effects Radiance 5-in-1 BB Cream, which also covers the imperfections while caring for the skin, may be the BB cream you are looking for! You can have attractive looks by highlighting our eyes, which is the only place that the mask does not cover. Everything you need for eye makeup is in the Avon Catalog 6 2021!

2. Wash your face at least twice a day.

One of the most important things in skin cleansing is regular care with the right cleanser. Cleansers that contain soothing ingredients like hemp oil are great for our irritated skin. Avon Cannabis Sativa Oil Calm & Cleanse Cleansing Oil is one of the best cleansers to use in this case. View C6 Avon Brochure for this useful product. Do not forget to peel your skin from time to time and cleanse the skin from dead skin.

3. Keep your skin moist!

Give your skin the moisture it needs by using light and non-greasy moisturizers.

4. Choose the right mask for your skin!

At this point, it is very important to choose masks that allow your skin to breathe. You should change your mask frequently and avoid wearing a mask for a long time.

Here is Avon Campaign 6 2021 and useful information about maskne! Take precautions against the coronavirus and stay healthy! If you want to see more Avon Products, visit the home page. Also, you can see many beauty tricks and Avon deals here. And, you can follow us on Youtube and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!

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