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Time to discover Avon Campaign 7 2021! A wide range of products, special deals, and reasonable prices can be browsable on this Avon Catalog. If you want to see special Avon Products, you. should take a look at all the pages! Also, we share some useful tips about mistakes you make putting on mascara! Let’s check it out!

Mistakes You Make Putting On Mascara

It is a common practice to start applying mascara from the upper eyelashes. It is better to start with the lower lashes in order to make the make-up on a clean surface. When starting from the upper eyelashes, the eye will need to be opened a lot when it passes to the lower part and the paint applied on top will smear around. Looking ahead while painting the upper lash while applying to the lower lash will make the process even easier. Brush strokes should be done with zigzag movements, not straight strokes.

Eye Structure

Recognizing the eye structure is about the fact that the same make-up should not be applied to each person. If the eye structure is recognized, a mascara according to him, a brush according to him or even a method of application will be used accordingly. For example, if you have a flat lash, you choose a product that volumes and curls, or if you have split eyes, you apply mascara on the outside rather than the inside.

Putting the Brush into the Box Continuously

While applying mascara, there are quite a lot of people who constantly put the brush in and out of the box. Although their purpose is to make the brush take more paint, this process will cause the mascara to dry. Drying paint will be difficult to apply and will cause clumping. Instead of doing this, it will be enough to insert the brush in one go and run it inside the box to get the necessary paint.

Using an Eyelash Curler

One of the well-known mistakes is in this direction. Curlers are used after the make-up is finished, which will cause different problems. Applying a curler to the treated lash will damage the lash, causing it to break or fall off. Therefore, if an eyelash curler is to be used, it must be applied to a clean eyelash.

Eye Care

The way mascara can show itself is actually through healthy eyelashes. Just like you look at your skin, you should apply special care to your eyes. The more vigorous the eye area and the stronger the eyelashes, the more effective the mascara will give. Cleaning mascara from the eye should be very gentle. Cleaning should not be neglected so that the roots of the eyelashes can breathe and grow in a healthy way.

Colored Mascaras And Brown Eyeliner

Colorful mascaras and eyeliner have recently become a trend for people who love makeup and are bored with classic make-up. Colored mascaras are among the ideal products, especially for those who prefer colored eye makeup. Supporting a beautiful eye make-up with eyeliner will make the eye stand out and make the make-up more prominent.

Colorful Mascaras

Recently, colored mascaras have started to take their place in reon and catalogs with many color options. Colorful mascaras make the person look different, more lively and fun. When using colored mascara, it will be more appropriate not to do any other treatment on the eyes. Otherwise, an exaggerated and tiring appearance will occur.

Blue mascara is a choice that makes the eyes more prominent and suits almost everyone. Purple mascara is a product that complements more colorful eyes. Green mascara will suit green eyes better. The most effective eye color with brown mascara is hazel tones.

As it can be understood from here, eye color is of great importance in choosing colored mascara. When this detail is taken into account, it will be quite easy to have impressive eyes with colored mascaras.

Disadvantages of Colored Mascaras

The answer to this question will unfortunately be yes. For example; If used correctly, green mascara is a kind of effective results. Green mascara makes the eyelash look shorter than it is, which is a disadvantage. Therefore, it should be used in people with long eyelashes or with false eyelash application.

Another disadvantage is that colored mascaras are more likely to clump than normal mascaras. The mascara lumps that will form in the eyelashes will not reveal a very pleasant appearance. For this reason, the eyelashes should be brushed and combed after the mascara is applied and dried. If this is taken into consideration, this disadvantage can be eliminated.

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