Avon Concealers and Tips!

Today’s topic is about Avon Concealers and useful tips with Avon Campaign 15 2020! It revitalizes your under eye with a touch, hides imperfections instantly. We can call Concealer the magic actor of makeup. Here are tips for getting to know them in all aspects.

Makeup is formed by combining and applying many different materials. You should apply the materials you use in order to make the makeup look stylish and balanced on your face. For any reason, unwanted spots and shadows may appear on your face. When doing your makeup at such times, paying attention to these points can help you get a healthier look.

Concealer is a cosmetic product used to close dark circles, blemishes, pores, and other small spots on your skin or to balance the color with your face. Even if you do not have any skin spots, you can also use concealer to revitalize your face in a tired time.

How is concealer applied?

Concealer can be used for different problems in different parts of the face. To get the most out of your concealer, pay attention to these tips:

The use of concealer to close dark circles under eyes:

When applying concealer, you can get help from a damp sponge or concealer brush. You can also spread it with your fingertips. Starting from the eye fountain, spread to the other side. While spreading, you should definitely proceed with buffer movements. The skin in custody is very thin and sensitive. If you are going to distribute with your fingertips, you should make gentle and slow touches. If you draw an inverted triangular shape and spread it into custody, your face can get a brighter look.

Last touch: Using concealer to fix:

After applying the concealer to all the points you want to close, you can fix it with the help of transparent powder so that it does not spread during the day.

Concealers by Avon Catalog 15 2020;

  • Cashmere Complexion Longwear Concealer, $22
  • True Color Ideal Nude Cream Concealer, $8
  • Avon Magix Wand Foundation Stick, $14

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