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Browse the latest deals and products of beauty, personal care, fragrance, cosmetic, sun care, skin care, jewelry, fashion, wellness, men’s self care, and home categories. When people think of Avon Catalog one of the first things that come to mind is representative people.

Avon is a company that is the second in direct selling in the world. A representative can sell Avon’s brand while running a local business. Avon Catalogue plays a key role in that business because it is the ultimate tool that a representative can use to promote Avon products. You have probably met one of them in your life.

If you are an Avon Representative you can use weeklyads2.com and see the trends of the month on the current Avon Brochure. We update this page including the content and deals of the newest Avon Catalog regularly.

The reason for browsing an Avon Brochure is not only about being a rep. If you are not yet a representative but want to become one, educate yourself, learn about the product range and popular deals on these catalogs.

What these catalogs have more than an ad is that they usually contain a very large product range with prices that will be valid for a much longer time.

Become An Avon Representative

Visit Avon’s website to learn about how to become a representative. If you become one, you will be able to sell a powerful brand that is known all around the world. Imagine the power of that as a salesperson.

Moreover, not only selling will make you money. You can also recruit people and drive a profit from that, too. Avon gives higher percentages for greater sales. There are various levels.



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Avon Catalog 18 2022

Avon Catalog 18 2022 is consist of makeup, skincare, personal care, hair care, and much more this month. When you check this brochure, you will encounter the most popular Avon products with special deals. Discover them and don't miss these special offers!Avon Catalog 18 2022

Avon Catalog 18 2022

You can also read this article to see some tips on summer makeup and Avon products you can use in the summer. It is possible to view all of these products in the catalogue.

Everything for Waterproof Summer Makeup is at Avon!;

While enjoying the holiday and fun on hot summer days, the last thing you want is our make-up to flow. A foundation that flows because you sweat during the day, a mascara that smears under your eyes when you go to the sea, or your lipstick that you constantly need to refresh at a party will inevitably interrupt your fun. We are sure that you must have felt the need to refresh your make-up from time to time before posing in order not to be photographed with a spoiled make-up in your summer vacation memories.

What about the make-up you wear in the morning stays on your face all day long; How about a scenario where you don't need a make-up freshener at the beach, at a party or on a rushed hot day? We have good news: All the products you are looking for for your waterproof summer make-up are available at the latest Avon Catalog. Let's view these Avon products!

A waterproof make-up undoubtedly starts with permanent and durable skin products. The permanence of the foundation you apply also affects the permanence of the makeup applied on it. Other products applied over a non-waterproof foundation disperse much more easily in contact with heat, perspiration and water.

Avon Powerstay Foundation

With its water-resistant formula, Avon Powerstay Foundation is exactly the product you are looking for for a permanent make-up all day long! Heat, humidity, sea, pool, running all day and partying all night… Enjoy a natural matte look all day long with Power Stay Foundation. It is a candidate to be your favorite foundation to go without hesitation in all these situations! You will love its formula that does not smear on your clothes, does not flow and does not fade. With its SPF 10 sun protection factor, it is also an ideal product for summer months. It offers its light and breathable formula and high coverage in a texture that remains comfortable all day long. It does not weigh on the skin.

When it comes to waterproof make-up products, the first thing that comes to mind and the most sought after product is mascara. For many of us, a waterproof mascara is a must in our makeup bag. A water-resistant mascara that is needed not only in summer but in all seasons. It prevents the appearance of allergic eyes watering in the wind, eye make-up flowing with sweating and mascara smearing under the eyes. When the summer season comes, a non-flowing mascara is much more important. Let's view these products on Avon Catalog 18 2022 in detail!

Avon Supershock Volume Loader Mascara

We have great news! With Avon's new Supershock Volume Loader Mascara, voluminous lashes that last all day long are now very easy. With the Blackest Black color, your jet black eyelashes do not flow or smudge even in the sea and in the pool. It's also ophthalmologically tested. Thus, it does not cause allergies even in the most sensitive eyes. You will love its caring formula enriched with vitamin E! Apply in the morning on hot summer days; Make sure your mascara doesn't spill while you're enjoying the beach, parties and fun!

Power Stay Liquid Stain Lipstick;

Colorful and vibrant lip make-ups are one of the most trendy looks of this summer. However, on hot summer days when we drink plenty of liquids, our lipstick is usually the easiest make-up product that flies away. What about the fun summer days when we drink cocktails, swim and dance all day long; With Avon Power Stay Liquid Stain Lipstick with its 10-hour lasting formula, you can put an end to the trouble of refreshing your lip makeup!

With its ultra-light texture that gives the feeling of bare lips, it seems to disappear. Power Stay Liquid Stain Lipstick gives intense color. It is the ideal product for summer days when the lips are not heavy. If you want your vibrant lips with silky texture to draw attention in your summer vacation photos, try it and fall in love with its effect!

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Avon Catalog 17 2022

Discover new products with AVON Catalog 17 2022 for a unique make-up experience with quality products! Highly pigmented and high quality make-up materials of AVON products appeal to those who cannot give up on make-up in their daily life. You can find rich color and pigment options in all make-up products from foundation to lipstick, from concealer to mascara at AVON.Avon Catalog 17 2022

In addition to make-up materials, it also offers a wide range of products in categories such as make-up brushes, accessories, perfume, make-up remover and skin care. Check out Avon Campaign 17 2022 in detail and discover the best prices and products!

AVON Makeup

Among the most preferred products of AVON are foundations with SPF. There are illuminators suitable for every skin tone, make-up brushes and lipsticks that are indispensable for many women. In addition, products that do not compromise on natural appearance with their non-weight-bearing texture and permanence for face make-up are also available in AVON. These products are powder, foundation, BB and CC cream, contours and palettes, make-up base and more. They are among the indispensable parts of face make-up. You can also buy makeup brush options that allow you to apply even the most special products flawlessly and are specially used for various parts of the face at AVON at very affordable prices.

The Best AVON Makeup;

  • Avon True Color Love at 1st Lash Mascara, $15
  • fmg Cashmere 24 Hour Liquid Foundation, $32
  • Tattoo Station Proof Brow Pencil, $10
  • VDL Eye Fine Double Edge Brow Pencil, $25
  • Anew Clinical Unlimited Lashes Lash & Brow Activating Serum, $60
  • fmg CathyCat High Arch Precision Brow Pencil, $15
  • TPSY Brows on Fleek Dual Eyebrow Definer, $21
  • Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara, $10
  • fmg CathyCat High Arch Precision Brow Pencil, $15
  • Avon True Color SuperShock Volumizing Mascara, $11
  • Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara, $11
  • VDL Expert Color Primer for Eyes, $24
  • Love at 1st Lash Waterproof Mascara, $15
  • Avon True Color Always On Point Eye Liner, $9
  • Avon 2-in-1 Lip Tattoo Lip Line & Fill Duo, $13
  • Birthday Balm Lip Crayon, $12
  • VDL Expert Color Lip Cube Marble Glow, $28
  • Veilment Care Lip Balm - Strawberry, $2

In this AVON Brochure, you can find cosmetic products that you will be addicted to thanks to both its features and affordable prices. Hand and nail products containing natural oils and herbal ingredients are available here for hands and nails that need care the most in summer and winter. You can also view body creams, shower gels, soaps, and oils in their catalog that make you feel great all day long with their pleasant scents.

AVON Sun Care

In these days when summer makes itself felt intensely, it is necessary to protect from the harmful effects of the sun. For this, we recommend that you take a look at AVON sun care products. With AVON sun care products, you can enjoy the summer without compromising your health by providing full protection at any time. Check out this AVON Brochure to buy all these products at a very affordable price.

Favorite AVON Sun Care;

  • Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream SPF 25, $42
  • Anew Skinvincible Day Lotion SPF 50, $40
  • Avon Anew Hydra Fusion Daily Beauty Defense SPF 50, $34
  • Isa Knox LXNew Platinum Day Cream SPF 30, $50
  • Anew Platinum Day Cream Travel Size Broad Spectrum SPF 25, $15
  • Isa Knox Anew Solaire Everyday Face Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $29
  • Anew Ultimate Multi-Performance Day Cream Travel Size Broad Spectrum SPF 25, $15
  • Isa Knox Anew Solaire Active Face & Body Protection Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 50, $31

AVON Fragrances

Perfume types are among AVON's most notable product groups. If you want to change the perfume you use and make a difference with a new scent, you can take a look at AVON products.

Popular AVON Perfumes;

  • Imari Amor Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Far Away Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Haiku Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Sweet Honesty Cologne, $18
  • Rare Gold Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Free O2 For Her, $18
  • Rare Amethyst Eau de Parfum Spray, $25
  • LYRD Honeysuckle Blossom Eau de Parfum, $24

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AVON Catalogue Good Buys June 2022

Discover the best body care, hair care, makeup and much more to get healthiest look with AVON Catalogue Good Buys June 2022! Browse all the catalog and enjoy saving your money on the most popular Avon products!AVON Catalogue Good Buys June 2022

Also, we shared some tricks to get maximum results on your body! Many useful product recommendations and special tips can be found in this article! Let's read it and discover the best products, savings up to 70% and information!

AVON Catalogue Good Buys June 2022

Get ready to pamper your skin, hair and body with AVON! Here are ways to revive your hair, skin and body care in a few steps.

Face Care;

Especially in cold weather, the skin is more prone to dryness. For this reason, regularly moisturize your skin deeply. When you replenish your skin's water reserves, you will notice that the signs of aging are visibly reduced and your skin tissue gains a bright and lively appearance. Aloe contains hyaluronic acid and glycerin, molecules that attract water. For this reason, try to get moisturizers containing these ingredients. If you are looking for a useful moisturizer, you should browse the latest Avon Campaign! It is full of them at reasonable prices!

In addition to moisturizers, exfoliating a few times a week can help you gently remove dead skin from your skin and achieve softer and pore-free skin.

Hand, foot and body care

Hand and foot care creams with high nutrition and firming effect help moisturize your skin. Especially if you can fight the sticky feeling by choosing light creams. If you want to spend a little more time on your body care routine, you can choose scrub sets. The scrubs that you can rinse with warm water after applying to dry skin will help revitalize, smoothen and give your skin a clear appearance.

Carry with you daily balms that will make your soul happy with their moisturizing, nourishing and purifying properties while making your feet and hands feel light. Maintain flexibility while roughening your body with scrubs and creams that you can use not only for hand and foot care, but also for your body. You should browse part of body care on the latest AVON Catalog and get the best solution at affordable prices.

Lip Care

Protect and moisturize your lips with balms, scrubs and lip care creams containing antioxidant-rich beneficial oils and minerals. Lip care kits, which will instantly make you have a more lively expression with their smoothing structures, will pamper you with soft and relaxed lip looks. A wide range of lip products can be found on AVON Brochure. Check it out to buy the best for you!

Hair care

It is undeniable that hair has a significant impact on mood. Include care serums specially developed for hair ends in your hair care routine to get rid of a bad hair day and raise your mood by getting hair that shines with a natural shine. Care serums enriched with natural oils help reconstruct damaged and lifeless hair ends. Since they contain a large amount of fatty acids, they also support the rehydration of dehydrated hair.

Give the products that will add volume and flexibility to the hair strands a chance in your hair care routine. For more natural, shiny and lively hair, use natural and light products that saturate the hair with moisture, such as coconut oil, instead of formulas that aggravate the strands, making your hair soft and have a smooth appearance. It is possible to find many good hair care including natural formulas on AVON! Browse their healthy products to get the best results!

In addition, include products that will produce more effective results with less shampoo during the shower in your bath routine. Prefer strong shampoos with ingredients that increase the production of keratin, one of the basic proteins of the hair, such as vitamin B5 and biotin.

So here is the AVON Catalogue Good Buys June 2022! You can go to the category page of AVON to see more catalogs and deals!

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