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Bashas Ad can offer you great products in Arizona and in New Mexico. This is a family retail company with a nice range of products. Shop fresh produce, grocery, bakery, deli, and general grocery items of the supermarket. This is a classic supermarket range that is focused on grocery only. Departments of the store are the bakery, deli, meat, and fresh produce. It’s easy to find all these deals on Bashas circular.

Bashas has 118 stores in Arizona and New Mexico with services that are integrated with the retail range. You can really lower the costs using the Bashas weekly ad. Subscribe to the newsletter to get emails about Bashas Weekly Ads and online sales of the store.

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Bashas Weekly Ad Jul 27 - Aug 2, 2022

Bashas Weekly Ad Jul 27 - Aug 2, 2022

Hey, Bashas' shoppers! This is the all-new Bashas' Weekly Ad for the week of July 27 - August 2, 2022. Thanks for stopping by. The grocery store has got a lot going on this week, with great deals on select fresh fruit. Don't forget about their weekly sales and the return to school sale, where you can save 30% or more on selected items for the entire family. You can read through the entire ad or discover only what's relevant to you by using our search feature. Check out all the deals in the Bashas' Weekly Ad, and learn what they are bringing back in stock each week, like fresh apricots, or getting excited about, like back-to-school supplies.

Bashas is a supermarket company that is family-owned and run, established in Arizona, and is commemorating 90 years of providing service to families in Arizona. Imagine a store with aisles of specialty foods, plus a bakery, delicatessen and market. A store that offers the convenience of one-stop shopping. That’s Bashas’. Bashas' has everything you need to prepare your favorite dishes at home. From meat and seafood to a wide selection of international spices, they have you covered. Bashas' is a ... Read More...

Bashas Ad Grocery Sale Arizona Apr 3 - 9, 2019

Bashas Ad Grocery Sale Arizona Apr 3Bashas Ad grocery sale covers fresh fruits like Chiquita bananas and tomatoes on the vine. You may shop for the prices of the 3-day sale, too. Last week was a great opportunity to save on red seedless grapes and more fresh foods. Breakfast foods are also available for lower prices at Bashas. There is still one day to go with these prices. Kellogg's frosted flakes will cost only $1.99! Shop for some snacks and beverage. Pepsi 2L soda will cost 5 for $5! This Ad has also deals for Easter. Find toys, celebration products, and table top decoration. Easter novelties or garden décor will be 25% off. Pet supplies are also on pg 2.

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