Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Stars

Let’s some beauty secrets of Hollywood Stars and some products of Avon Campaign 5 2020! There is much special selection on this Avon Catalog! Therefore, you should take a look at this. Moreover, you will come across awesome deals! Let’s browse and enjoy saving your money! So let’s come to our topic! What are Hollywood stars doing to look flawless? From the 20s to the 50s, we have examined the skincare secrets of the stars that are appreciated by their beauty.

Lucy Boynton

The 26-year-old star is in our memories with its sparkly eye makeup and bright skin. The beautiful star’s skincare secret is that it uses tonic with natural chamomile and rose extract.

Renée Zellweger

Embracing the Oscar figurine in the category of Best Actress, a 50-year-old actor’s beauty secret is to use skincare serum containing hyaluronic acid… You can find skincare serum including hyaluronic acid on Avon Catalog 5 2020!

Shay Mitchell

The 32-year-old star tries to purify her skin first. Shay Mitchell’s suggestion is GlamGlow Supermud, which soothes the skin while removing it from oil and dirt and neutralizing skin imperfections. It makes a difference with its carbon and eucalyptus leaves. Let’s browse Avon Campaign February 2020!

Natalie Portman

Oscar-winning star, 38, says that drinking plenty of water, eating healthy and sleeping well add brightness to your skin. The beautiful actress prefers night creams with an intense moisturizing effect.

Chrissy Teigen

The 34-year-old model prefers solutions that tighten the skin quickly in the skincare routine. Chrissy Teigen’s choice is GlamGlow GRAVITY MUD with Marshmallow and Licorice. As this mask dries, it turns from white to bright chroma. While peeling off the skin, it tightens the skin, giving it a more raised look.

Emily Ratajkowski

The famous 29-year-old model Emily Ratajkowski also prefers natural ingredients in her skincare routine. YouthMud, the 21-award winner from GlamGlow, Emily’s skincare routine recommendation, is known as Hollywood’s 10-minute skincare secret. This mask makes a difference with its content consisting of TEAOXI green tea leaf, natural clay mixture, and volcanic rock.

So here are some beauty secrets of Hollywood Stars and some products of Avon Brochure 5 2020! You can check out more Avon products, makeup tips and deals on the main page! And follow us on Facebook! Here u go!