Best Ways to Stop Hair Loss

See the best ways to stop hair loss with products of Avon Campaign 22 2020! With the arrival of the autumn months, the number of people who have hair loss problems is also increasing. Well, why does our hair fall out, the effects of seasonal changes on hair loss and protective measures can be found in this article.

Hair loss is a common problem in men and women and negatively affects the quality of life of patients. In fact, every strand of hair falls out when it completes its development. Although this period varies according to our genetic characteristics, it is 2-6 years on average.

At the same time, environmental factors such as sea salt, pool chlorine, sun rays exposed during the summer months cause hair to wear and increase hair loss. However, studies have shown that hair growth increases, and hair loss decreases in summer to protect the skull from sunlight.

What are the factors that increase hair loss?

Hair growth is a very complex process. Our genetics and hormones generally determine the density and thickness of our hair. So the first rule for healthy hair is good genetics. However, various hormonal disorders increase hair loss. An important cause of hair loss is the reactive hair loss seen in most women after childbirth. Physical factors such as drugs used by the person or intense chemicals and high heat applied to the hair also increase hair loss.

What should be done to prevent hair loss?

Supportive treatments are also important in hair loss. Supplements are generally known as supplements and contain a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, such as iron, selenium, biotin, zinc, essential fatty acids, vitamin A, vitamin B complex, vitamin E, and niacin. See Avon C22 2020. There are many useful products including those vitamins!

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