Best Winter Nail Polish Colors of 2020

Today’s topic is about Best Winter Nail Polish Colors of 2020 with products of Avon Campaign 6 2020. If you are a nail polish fan too, you can’t wait for the wonderful nail polish colors that are trending in winter. If you want to have colorful nails to accompany your combinations at home, at work, while traveling, in short, wherever you go, you should definitely take a look at the Best Winter Nail Polish Colors of 2020.

The most beautiful colors that represent the winter months are the shades of coffee and orange. These colors, which cover the entire wardrobe, also represent nature. With the arrival of December, we have entered the winter season. While many makeup materials you use, shoes and clothes change, nails that are important for women are also colored. While famous companies produce new make-up products for the winter, they do not forget our nails.


The green color is the most used color in winter and easy to combine while using. You can meet the winter months perfectly with black or mustard yellow. This season, you can see a lot of ovals, but a deep green nail polish will make your short nails look great. For this, you can choose Avon’s nail polishes. Let’s browse Avon Campaign March 2020 in detail!


Purple is the color of sensuality and romance. Some people like to use purple color in decoration due to its flamboyant air. You can choose a purple color, which is considered difficult to use in clothes, in your nail polish this year. For this, Avon’s intense purple tone nail polish will prepare you for the winter season. Therefore, you should take a look at Avon Catalog 6 2020!


While the fire red has been replaced by metallic textures, the new hit of those who prefer cream textured formulas will be indispensable for the winter months of rust red, which is renewed with a rustic atmosphere. We are not used to seeing especially on the catwalks, but this year’s number one of the fashion week’s nail polish looks like a cut out for autumn. You can literally see this color in the nail polish of the Avon brand.

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