Care Tips for Sensitive Skin with Avon Products

Let’s take a look at Care Tips for Sensitive Skin with Avon Campaign 5 2021! Sensitive skin is more affected by heat, cold and external factors. Fortunately, with the right skin care products and applications, you can avoid problems caused by sensitivity. Keep these care tips in mind for sensitive and dry skin.

Do not use high temperature water when washing

Did you know that even a 10-minute bath can increase skin dryness? If you have sensitive and dry skin, you should keep the bath time short, especially in winter, and use the water between 36-40 degrees at most. You should prefer warm water at a much lower temperature for facial cleansing.

Set the room temperature between 21-25 degrees

Why does our skin get dry in this period when we are at home for almost 24 hours? The answer to this wondered question is ‘moisture’. As we try to heat the environment indoors, we reduce the humidity. For skin health, it is important to keep the room temperature between 21 and 25 degrees and to adjust the humidity between 30-50 percent. Ventilate your space several times a day during daylight hours when air pollution is low. You can also better adjust the ideal temperature and humidity by using room thermometers.

Be sure to choose a product by your skin type

The biggest problem of sensitive and dry skin is that it is quickly affected by heat, cold, wind, weather conditions and external factors. Therefore, you should choose the right products that provide the protection and care for your skin. The products you choose should be both soothing and nutritious. Thus, you can prevent problems such as redness.

Choose products with natural ingredients

The skin type that most reacts to chemical ingredients is of course sensitive skin type. You should make sure that the skin care products you use are free of parabens, silicon, aluminum, alcohol, nanoparticles, petrochemicals, perfumes and colorants. It is so easy to find natural and healthy selection on Avon Catalog 5 2021! See them and find the best at low prices!

Prevent wrinkles with products containing vitamins and minerals

Sensitive and dry skin is much more stretched than normal skin after air change and washing. Therefore, if it is not moisturized properly, wrinkles occur even at an early age. Avon’s anew series helps to keep cells young against aging by detoxing your skin. It plays an anti-wrinkle role by increasing skin elasticity. See Avon Brochure 5 2021 and view special Avon skincare products and its useful deals.

Use a non-drying skin cleanser

Even if you do not use make-up, you should clean your skin twice a day, in the morning and evening. While cleansing the oil and dirt on your skin, you should definitely choose a non-drying skin cleanser. Otherwise, your skin will be much more sensitive. C5 Avon Brochure contains skin cleansers. If you need them, you should browse this Avon Brochure in detail!

Use a soothing facial cream

Provide your skin with the moisture it needs by choosing a soothing face cream after skin cleansing. Thus, you will not encounter problems such as redness, tension and itching. It contains special creams, masks, and lotions on Avon. Discover their products and find products suitable for your skin type!

Do not neglect eye area care

Since sensitive and dry skin is often stretched, even your facial lines may deepen and turn into aging lines in a short time. Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System, which is soothing and nourishing, is a product that you can gently moisten the eye area and remove traces of fatigue. Avon Anew Clinical Eye Lift Pro Dual Eye System is only $40! It is pretty popular and useful product. You should try!

Apply the body lotion in the first 5 minutes after bathing

Another point you should pay attention to in terms of dry and sensitive skin care is to moisturize the whole body in the first 5 minutes after bathing.

Include these foods in the diet list

Red foods have beta carotene and orange foods have high antioxidant properties thanks to lycopene. Include winter fruits apple, orange and pomegranate in your daily diet.

Here are Care Tips for Sensitive Skin with Avon C5 2021! For more Avon Products, tips, and deals, visit the home page. Also, you can follow us on Youtube and see the new Avon Catalogue!

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