Care Tips to Protect Your Skin from Screen Light

Today, we shared care tips to protect your skin from screen light with Avon Campaign 7 2021! There is another environmental factor that damages your skin as much as UV rays: Blue light. Blue light emitted from technological devices such as laptops and mobile phones causes premature aging of the skin and deterioration of skin quality. We searched for tips to protect your skin from screen light.

The hours you spend in front of the screen have the effect of being exposed to direct sunlight in the middle of the day. In addition, the time you spend on the phone before sleep causes both your sleep routine to deteriorate and these rays to penetrate the skin more effectively. To avoid all these problems, try to limit your screen time.


Skin detox is also a very convenient method to minimize the harmful effects of blue light. Eliminate the effects that occur when the skin is exposed to screen light with antioxidant formulas that rest, strengthen and purify the skin.

Strengthen Your Skin Barrier

Just like you use against UV rays, you should use protective care products against blue light. Strengthen the hand of your skin with wide spectrum skin products against free radicals. There are many useful skincare from Avon Catalog 7 2021! You should browse it and see the best Avon Products!


In addition to the defensive products you will use for your skin, use protectors on the screens of your technological devices. Blue light blocking glasses can also be an effective choice. These products will both relax your eyes and shield against the harmful effects of these rays around the eyes.

Support Skin Structure

Blue light causes the deterioration of the skin tissue, the breakdown of the building blocks such as collagen and elastane, which form the skin skeleton, and as a result, the early signs of aging. Reverse the negative effects of blue light with products that support skin structure and activate cells.

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Here are care tips to protect your skin from screen light with Avon Brochure 7 2021! It is possible to reach more specials from Avon C7 2021! You should browse all the pages of this and see your favorite Avon Products! Also, you can follow us on YouTube and see the latest Avon Catalog in the US!


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