Costco Household Supplies Mar 11 – Apr 5, 2020

Costco Household Supplies Mar 11 - Apr 5, 2020Buy some cleaning products at Costco to keep your home virus-free. The best products of the market, very strong chemicals, and beautiful scents. Use them to make sure everything is perfect at your household. Everybody is staying at home nowadays because of the pandemic. While you rest at home, enjoying some video games and repairing something, do some household work, too. Cleaning and disinfecting every corner of your house will do a great job in this time. Clean especially the things where people touch a lot. For example, door knobs, keyboards, mouse, light switch, tables, and maybe even books. Also, clean your electronics with some moist and disinfectant cloth. You can find some products related to air freshening and laundry on pg 20. Find mops, laundry detergent, scrubbing bubbles, Cascade, and more products are on sale at Costco stores this week. Check out these products of Costco Household Supplies Mar 11 – Apr 5: