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Costco Member-Only Savings Aug 5 - 30 - Macbook Air

Costco Member-Only Savings Aug 5 - 30 this week. Costco Ad in August shows a great deal on Macbook Air. 13.3" Macbook Air is what I use and I have probably the cheapest version of it. It's not a very good laptop for heavy duties like rendering high-resolution videos, but if you are going to use it for carrying it around and emailing people, writing, browsing on the internet, watching videos and movies, and even editing on photoshop, it can do the job. This Macbook Air is not very fast. But it's fairly stable. The important thing is, you can save $200 off this laptop. Moreover, the one I have has only i3, if you buy that laptop at Costco, you will have an i7 processor. 16GB ram is 8 GB bigger than mine. Check out some Apple products of Costco Member-Only Savings Aug 5 - 30 :

Costco Member Only Savings Aug 5 30 Macbook Air

Macbook Air and More deals by Costco Member-Only Savings Aug 5 - 30

Apple products are great by design but they have these connection issues. That's the thing they have done which made people angry about all of their products, particularly the laptops. My laptop now has no USB port. It only has type c (USB -C) ports. And two of them. But if you want to own a Macbook Air, no worries, you can use adaptors, as well. But carrying adaptors all the time is not nice. Costco Member-Only Savings Aug 5 - 30 has this Macbook Air deal on the top of the ad. Costco Weekly Ad or the monthly ad can help you find such great deals. All the deals of Costco.

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