CVS Ad Pharmacy Apr 3 2016

CVS Ad Pharmacy Apr 3 2016 deals escalated quickly after the announcement in the morning.

CVS Ad Extrabucks Rewards Saturday Apr 3

Check out details of the CVS Ad with the content of beauty products in the ad. Preview of these products would be great saving for all customers who are into the goods of CVS. Check out pg 2 for the personal care products and make up items like mascara, deodorant, liquid hand soap, body wash and cosmetics of various brands. Leading brands like Rimmel, Almay, Beauty 360 and CVS have been featured on the sale.

HAIR CARE products and SKIN CARE creams with the variety featuring extrabucks and other discounts can be seen on pg 3. L’Oreal wins $10 extrabucks rewards for you. Check the page for details.

AVEENO, NEUTROGENA, and other cosmetics or personal care items and more are available on pg 4. Gilette razors, and deo variety can also be found there. CVS offers much more savings than previous ad in this one.

DENTAL care products like Colgate toothbrush and toothpaste, moutwash, and $10 extrabucks rewards on pharmacy items on pg 5. ALLERGY RELIEF and more MEDICINES featuring B1G1 free deals, aspirin, antibiotic and so on. check details on pg 6 for the CVS pharmacy products.

CVS WEEKLY AD sells vitamins on this ad. Also see health vitamins on sale B1G1 free with card. Check pg 7 for the metamucil, zantac, aleve liquid gels, sleep aids and more products.

CHEMICAL cleaning supplies that are on sale by half price and household products including electronic accessories are featured on pg 8. See Spring goods like some snacks like pizza, Tropicana juice, toy products and outdoor products on pg 9.

HEALTHY SNACKS and favorites of all customers that will be perfect choices for partying are on sale. Check details on pg 10-11 for products like Snickers, Twix, chex mix, Twizzler, Golde Emblem, and more.

See also Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Meijer and other weekly ads.