CVS Ad Pharmacy Products Feb 2

We can divide this ad's concept into three parts. First part is generally about cosmetics and beauty products.CVS Ad Pharmacy Products Feb 2 They got tips and some good products to help you protect your skin and beauty. Good tips about make up and skin protection are featured things in this ad. CVS offers some snacks in the cover page. This page also contains some beauty products. The beauty range of the ad covers 4 pages including some baby care products too.

Second part is about medicines including allergy relief, cold and cough medicines, heart health products, bogo free deals on pg 10-11 and even more products like cleaning chemicals is the main chemical range of CVS. You can also find personal care items and household products like batteries, shampoos, conditioners, razors on pg 4.

Last and third part of the ad would be Valentine's Day gifts. Gifts for your lover like home decor, candles, Mickey&Minnie items, and this sort of things are featured on sale on the ad.


Use this list to summarize items on this ad.

and more products are featured on the latest ad.

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