CVS Pharmacy Deals Oct 6 – 12, 2019

CVS Pharmacy Deals Oct 6 12 2019Browse new Extrabucks rewards and products of CVS Pharmacy Deals Oct 6 – 12 from the latest weekly ad. We are expecting a new CVS weekly ad tomorrow. It will contain the deals for Oct 13 – 19. Before you see that, check out the CVS ad Oct 6 – 12 for the deals on dental care and health care products. Starting on pg 14, you can see most of them. Also, some are in the first part of the weekly ad. Toothpaste, toothbrush, Gillette razors, and Dial soap variety are all Extrabucks reward purchases. When you spend $25 on Schick Razors, you will get $10.
If you join carepass today, you will get a $10 promo reward every month. Benefits of CVS Carepass are:

– Free delivery and Rx
– 24/7 helpline
– 20% off CVS Health brand products.

The cost of CVS Carepass is $5/month. You can sign up in-store or use to join that service. I think this is one of the best pharmacy services you can find among all.

CVS Baby Care Products

Prefer healthy and premium quality baby care products on CVS Weekly Ad and earn more Extrabucks rewards this week. Formulas, diapers, and bathroom consumables are available on pg 10. On the same page, you have reading glasses BOGO 50% off. Blood pressure monitors will cost only $44.99 this week.

CVS Feminine Care and Allergy Relievers

Spend a certain amount on feminine care products to earn more rewards this week. Popular brands of feminine care items are available on pg 11. CVS health adult pads or underwear will be a $5 reward when you spend $20. Allergy relievers of Flonase and cold relievers of Tylenol or Sudafed are browsable on pg 12. If you want to quickly get yourself together, you might need to use some medical support. Tylenol products are $8.99 at CVS.

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