CVS Weekly Ad Snacks and Grocery Savings July 11

Did you notice the latest prices of snacks and grocery savings that are readily available on pg 4-5. CVS Weekly Ad Snacks and Grocery Savings July 11On these pages you can find household items as well. Some cleaning supplies and weekly deals are featured on this section of CVS Weekly Ad. CVS Weekly Ad Snacks and Grocery Savings July 11 and the prices are viewable on the current preview page.

CVS Weekly Ad snacks are the most popular items of this week. Suppress your hunger with healthy stuff not with useless harmful cheap things from untrusted shops. CVS offers a great range of snacks on pg 4.
Pepsi 1.5 L $0.99
Starbucks Refreshers iced coffee 2 for $2.50
7UP $0.99
Select snack or groceryt items 10 for $10
Chex Mix or gardetto’s 2 for $3
Arizona tea or Welch’s grape juice 2 for $5

If you like your breakfast high quality nutritious food check out pg 5 of the latest CVS Ad. There is coffee, frozen items, fruit cups and household items on the bottom of the page.

Dole fruit cups 2 for $4
DiGornio-like selected frozen items 2 for $11
Gold Emblem coffee $5.99
Maxwell House wake up roast coffee $6.99
Folgers coffee $7.99


See new chemical products for better results from cleaning. High quality and popular products are available in CVS stores.
Arm&Hammer liquid detergent $6.99
Just the Basics bath tissue or paper towels 2 for $5
ALL Febreze 50% off
Clorox bleach 2 for $5
Cascade gel pacs liquid gel $5.49
Mr. Clean or Magic eraser $2.99

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