CVS Weekly Ad Snacks Aug 27 – Sep 2 2017

CVS Weekly Ad Snacks Aug 27 - Sep 2 2017Snacks and beverage of CVS Ad cover page are coke, Gold Emblem, Lay’s Chips, Reese’s chocolate, and more products. Coke 12 pk will cost only 3/$8! after app-only savings. Lay’s chips will be BOGO Free. You can get Natural spring water 24 pk. for $3.44. I love how CVS Weekly Ad combines the real snacks together. They have Kit Kat, Reese’s, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee, Kellogg’s cereal and more products on pg 2. Ben & Jerry’s 1 pint will be 2/$8 (Haagen Dazs 14 oz or bars 3 ct.) and view pg 2 of the ad to see more of snacks. Pepsi, Gatorade, Doritos, and many more products by CVS Ad on pg 4;

This week 30% off exclusive brands of CVS. More snacks are featured on pg 3. Shop for Jack Link’s jerky or nuggets that will be a BOGO Free deal, coke 2L priced at 4/$5, Café Bustelo or Folgers coffee. Gold Emblem bagged pistachios will be sold at 2/$9 at CVS stores next week.

You can find more candies and chocolates on pg 5. BOGO 50% off candies will be available on pg 5 for you to browse. Life Savers bags or Altoids can be purchased with this deal. M&M’s (8-11.4oz) will be 2/$3.50! Red Bull and coconut water are also in the product range.

Much more than this can be found in the ad preview. Subscribe to CVS Weekly Ad and get more deals and extrabucks.

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