Does Avon Test on Animals?

AVON is the first major cosmetics company to end animal testing more than 20 years ago. This means that products have not been tested on animals for a long time. Respect for animal rights is an important criterion for Avon. Avon uses different product testing methods instead of animals in its experiments.

Does Avon Test on Animals?

However, unfortunately, in some countries, there are tests including animals among the product safety tests. Avon prioritizes the change in regulations so that no experiments are made on animals, and continues to encourage other methods in this regard. It continues its social responsibility activities as usual.

The fact that all countries of the world provide control with other methods in a way that does not harm animal rights encourages Avon and other cosmetic companies even more. China is one of the countries that have taken big steps in these matters; It has recently removed its demand for animal experimentation and has contributed in some way to the industry.

Avon continues to work and adds value to its beauty, prioritizing the respect it gives to animal rights.

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