Effects of Coronavirus on the Skin

Look at the effects of coronavirus on the skin with Avon Campaign 25 2020! In addition to the increase in handwashing with the risk of Coronavirus, the use of alcohol-containing cleaners such as disinfectants has increased for a long time. This can bring along skin problems.

Besides the effects of these substances that the skin is exposed to from outside; The anxiety of contracting the virus and the stress caused by the change of daily life habits also play an important role in triggering skin problems.

Stress is the main actor of skin diseases

Frequent washing of hands with soap to protect against viruses, intensive use of alcoholic products such as disinfectants and cologne cause various problems by disrupting the natural structure of the skin. Panic and anxiety caused by this disease that surrounds the whole world and various skin diseases triggered by stress increase in this process. The skin is the largest organ subjected to many different stresses throughout life throughout the day.

There may also be an increase in acne

During this period, an increase in acne can be seen due to changes in diet and the use of masks. These factors can cause acne in many parts of the body. Especially in the face, by activating the sebaceous glands in the skin more. In order to prevent acne formation, it is important to pay attention to daily hygiene. And to wash the face 1-2 times a day with special cleansing gels for acne skins. Moisture and airless environment created while wearing the mask also increases the oily skin on the skin.

Natural Ingredient Cleaners

One of the most common skin diseases encountered during the epidemic process is hand dermatitis, popularly known as hand eczema. Hands are in constant contact with the external environment. And they are the most exposed area to various irritants and substances that may cause allergies. Applications that will dry the skin should be avoided. You should take a shower with warm water, wash with bath gels recommended by the dermatologist, and immediately after that, the whole body should be moisturized.

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