Flawless Look

This article’s topic is about Flawless look with products of Avon Campaign 6 2020. The choice of foundation for oily skin needs care. Choose foundations that prevent shine, control lubrication, do not close pores and provide a matte finish. Some foundations produced for oily skin may cause a thick, mask-like appearance due to its powdered structure and concealing properties. When choosing a foundation, choose those with a light texture. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting streaks on your face and making you look older than you are.

Excessive shine, acne, coarse pores… You may believe that oily skin is problematic, but if you choose the right foundation that balances sebum production, you can control greasiness and prevent glare and blemishes. Water-based foundations control the lubrication while moisturizing the face. It is both highly concealing and looks as if it does not exist on your skin.

Products We Chosee From Avon Campaign March 2020;

  • Firm and Sculpt for Neck and Chest, $23.99
  • Day Cream Broad Spectrum SPF25, $23.99
  • Eye & Lip Cream, $23.99
  • Night Cream, $23.99
  • Ultimate Cream Cleanser, $6.99
  • Platinum Cream Cleanser, $6.99

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