Fragrance Choice Based on Skin and Hair Color

Today’s topic is about Fragrance Choice Based on Skin and Hair Color with products of Avon Campaign 8 2020! Perhaps the choice of perfume, which is one of the biggest mistakes women make, can often make women look worse. For this reason, every woman should choose perfumes that are compatible with her skin scent. In addition to creating a beautiful and clean fragrance in the life of a lady, the perfume ensures that it exhibits an attractive, sexy and attractive stance. Perfume, which is one of the most important factors that enable men to be influenced by a woman, should be chosen in harmony with skin and hair color.

Here are Fragrance Choice

The season is also very effective in choosing perfumes. For example, while heavy scents used in winter add a more feminine and sexy atmosphere, the same fragrance may seem more repelling and sharp in summer. Our recommendation is to make your perfume selection in 2 directions and to separate the odors you use in summer and in winter. The perfumes that you separate as summer and winter perfume will be found quite effective by your environment and will envy your fellows too much.

Auburn ladies: Auburn-skinned ladies may prefer fragrances consisting of a floral and spice mixture. A perfume in this combination will also look, pretty auburn ladies.

Blond ladies: Due to their light skin, the smells of flowers are also in harmony with blond women. However, you can prefer floral fragrances alone, but not in a mixture with vanilla fragrance.

Red women: Since the striking red hair adds a different atmosphere to your posture, red women can use their perfume preferences for fresh scents that give a soft feeling. Fresh scents will create a feeling of freshness and relief on your skin.

Brunette ladies: The combination of rose and jasmine fragrances will be the right choice for women with dark skin. The scent of rose will give brunette women an attractive air, while the scent of jasmine will give fresh air.

Fragrances From Avon Catalog 8 2020;

  • Far Away Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Halku Eau de Parfum, £25
  • Rare Pearls Eau de Parfum, $25
  • Avon Flourish Honey Blossom Eau de Parfum, $6.99
  • Velvet Eau de Parfum, £20

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