Fry’s Weekly Ad Overview Jan 11 – 17 2017

Fry’s has a new store in Arizona and they will give away free gift cards for their first customers.Fry's Weekly Ad Overview Jan 11 - 17 2017 Fry’s new store is in Lake Pleasant and it was opened in Jan 13 2017. If you have been seeking for jobs at Fry’s you may check out their official site. We hope their new store will be a happy place to shop for ! News say that freebies will also be available in their first weeks. Don’t forget to check out that new location of Fry’s. They have new ad published recently. This ad contains 10 for $10 mega savings event. It’s not that big but I believe it can be helpful for every customer. This mix and match sale is available on pg 3.

10 for $10 Mix and Match Sale

Mt. Dew Kickstart
Haagen-Dazs ice cream
Fry’s bread
Kroger waffles
Home Sense foam plates
Kroger sour cream
Dawn dish detergent
Coca-cola de mexico

Fry’s Pharmacy Offers

B1G1 Free deals and some essential products from pharmacy shelf of Fry’s are being advertised on pg 5. This ad of Fry’s statest that you can download over $100 digital coupon. Check out some good deals here:

Sundown, Optimal solution or Disney vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free
Nature’s Bounty vitamins or supplements B1G1 Free
Emergen-C $9.99
Nexium 24 hr $23.99
Mucinex 12 hr. $11.99
NyQuil or DayQuil $7.99

On the same page, Simple Truth household products can be seen. Soap, diapers, dish detergent and more Simple Truth products are available.

Buy 3 Save $3 Deals

Mix and Match sales of the Fry’s ad on pg 6 consist of some favorite products including Nabisco, Dasani, Vitaminwater, Powerade and more. You must see these deals in order to maintain the saving rate you acoomplished 🙂 For more of Fry’s Ad please subscribe to this category.

Simple Ades or minute maid light drinks $1.99 ea
Nabisco cookies $3.49 ea
Vitaminwater $3.99 ea
Dasani Water $3.99 ea
Coca-Cola 6 pk $1.99 ea
Powerade or Powerade Zero $2.99 ea

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