Most people have some kind of possession. If you have been thinking to get legal processes in order Gentreo can be a good place where you can do that. Gentreo is an online service where you can find a system to create an online will, protect your family, create trust. You can also find the power of attorney, health care proxy, and pet power of attorney. On this page, you can find content about their services like estate planning. Or monthly membership that is a combination of these services.

You can subscribe to this service for only $9.99/m. Gentreo monthly membership will include:

  • Complete Estate Plan
  • Creating documents like a will, trust for free.
  • Secure Digital Vault

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When you get an online membership, you get to create your state-specific documents. Life is a mystery, no one can know what will happen tomorrow. And if you have been thinking of a complete package that can make things like will or trust easier online, Gentreo is one of the great places that offer that service. Monthly membership is a stress-free, easy, and quick thing only for $9.99/m.

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