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Green Man Gaming is an online platform where you can buy video games and save with their deals. On this website, you can buy steam keys. If you are a PC gamer, you probably have a Steam account. Steam also has a lot of sales in winter, Christmas, Black Friday etc. But this is also a big place where you can find an alternative deal when your desired game is not on sale. It’s pretty simple, you buy the Steam key from Green Man Gaming and activate the game on your Steam account. They make bundle deals, too just like Steam.

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Moreover, Green Man Gaming coupons and deals are global. When you open the website the currency changes to the one of your country.

Green Man Gaming XP Offers and XP Rewards

Look for an XP tag on a game. That means you get an exclusive offer from GMG. Similar to a supermarket or a department store, you can collect reward points at this “game shop”. XP Rewards is a part of the whole XP program. It’s a cool name for a reward program from a game store by the way. You will also like the humorous ways of promotion at this place. If you are a loyal customer at GMG, you will be rewarded with XP offers and XP Rewards. Fairly simple; when you buy a game, you will get XP. Just like when you play a game.

There are three levels: bronze, silver, and gold. When you become gold, you will receive more exclusive offers. Sign up to see your rank on and start earning XPs.

There is also a forum where the community discussions take place. Maybe you can spot a giveaway there. Check out what you can find today!

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Monster Hunter World IceBorne 47% off

This DLC was released on Jan 2020. I think it’s fair to expect a half-price deal on this game. It looks like a cool story. New weapons, new hunting mechanics, new quest, new locations, and new monsters are available in this game. Capcom’s one of the most successful games is on sale right now on I recommend you to buy the game if you are a fan while it’s on sale. Moreover, Green Man Gaming can occasionally offer you a 20% off any full-price game.

Monster Hunter World Iceborn Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming 10% off PC Games

Use the code PAYYAY10 to get a 10% off RRP. Hitman 3 is not included in the deal. And the deal is valid until 8/2/2021. Green Man Gaming has more deals this week. Some deals like Warhammer Chaosbane with a 55% off can be interesting for gamers who love the fantasy genre. Warhammer has long been popular on Steam and other platforms. Go to the deals page of Green Man Gaming to see the latest flash hot deals. Everybody is talking about Resident Evil Village but fantasy gamers were hyped about the Total War Warhammer 3 today. They released a new announcement trailer. Watch the trailer here. Save 18% on Resident Evil Village for PC at Green Man Gaming

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Green Man Gaming Winter Sale

Bestseller games like Sekiro, Dying Light, Cossacks 3, Outlast, are all participating in the Green Man Gaming winter sale right now. Be hurry before the new year because these are probably the last big deals of the year. Of course, you will occasionally get good deals on a regular week, but not this many probably. Great games from 2K will be up to 83% off in the winter sale. NBA2K21 is only $25.80 right now. Bethesda games like Evil Within