Grill Season at Kroger and Cinco De Mayo

Re-season your grills for the new Grill season at Kroger with great savings ! Kroger 3-burner gas grill May 1 2016Fantastic ideas and all about grilling are possible to find in store but you can save in the weekly ad at most until next Wed. Kroger offers a great sale in food and sauces for grilling. SIDE PRODUCTS including sauces, macaronic salad, charcoal, potato chips, Mrs. Baird’s buns and more delicious favorites can also be shopped for latest prices available at Kroger. This week at Kroger Ad:

Also find Cinco De Mayo special sale at Kroger Ad. Within this sale cilantro is on sale for $0.48. Ortega is on sale by 33% off with card. Mission tortillas which is one of the favorites of Mexican food alongside with Old El Paso priced 10 for $10 !


Grill is not always about grilling and eating. You need to know how to care about your BBQ grill. Millions of sites can give this information. I’ll also put here some instruction. It’s actually so easy when you know the right way.

– Heat an oven.Kroger Cinco De Mayo 2016
– Washing, drying with a simple dish soap might also help. Any remaining food particles and similar things must be removed.
– Spread and coat grill rack with vegetable oil and onion juice.
– Place it in oven. Leave it for 25-30 min.
– Repeat several times and you get a non-stick surface.
– You are good to go!